Fat “Pandemic”

ooooo! Beware of fat people this Halloween! The same folks who said margarine was good for you are at it again. The faux scientists at The International Conference on Obesity in Sydney Australia are predicting a fat “pandemic!” Yes, according to this group of thin people, fat people are a virus that must be eliminated.

Never mind that the BMI index is changed yearly to reflect lower and lower standards of measurement so that virtually everyone will be “fat” by the year 2010. What was “fat” 10 years ago will be different yet again 10 years from now. The BMI will become lower and lower, based on nothing but someone’s whim and then they can say ALL people are overweight and need to go on a diet.

Never mind that almost all studies of weight and health are funded and lobbied by the diet industry. We are simply supposed to believe these warnings every time they come out.
Feeding into the biases of the American public is what the government does best. One cannot read the newspaper or the internet without seeing some of their false “factoids”:

  • fat people eat more than thin people
  • fat people are unhealthy and will die if they don’t lose weight
  • fat people are unattractive (this bias is mainly for women, since fat men are deemed “cuter” than fat women i.e. Jim Belushi, John Goodman, etc.)
  • blah, blah, blah

It goes on and on. None of these talking points is true if anyone takes the time to check them out, which many don’t.

The point is…do you perpetuate the stereotypes or do you inform yourself about the truth? Personal aesthetics aside, I suggest you read Paul Campos’ book, which is a lovely place to start.