…doth already work…


  • in government, when polarized politics of left and right claim superiority over the people. Neither represents the vast majority of individuals in this country.
  • in religion, when extremists on the left and right claim to have the definitive word about what Jesus taught or what religion is true. Neither extreme represents the vast majority of believers in this country.
  • in consumerism, when the nanny-state dictates to individuals what they should eat, wear, or consume. What individuals do privately is none of the state’s business unless the individual is harming person or property.

In these three areas lie all the iniquities that exist in our age. Someone, somewhere wants to infringe upon your conscience by telling you what to believe, how to act, or who to vote for. Some religion wants to make you the chiefest sinner. Some government wants to lay all the world’s ills on the individual’s doorstep. The cure for iniquity is personal responsibility (as far as we can be without undue burden), good information, reason, and faith in God. Change begins in the heart not in the head. Don’t rely only on the professors, the internet, television, books, or newspapers for your information. Your experience is also valuable. Your common sense is valuable. Your faith is valuable. Just because someone tells you something is true, it doesn’t mean it is true.