He’s In The Army Now

Band of Brothers

There’s nothing that will change your politics faster than having your son inducted into the United States Army! My hubby and I first found out that our middle child was even interested in the military only 5 weeks ago! Having a recruter show up at your door and hear him tell you that your son filled out information online throws you for a loop at first. But after talking with our son and with others whose sons, daughters, and nephews have joined, we are feeling somewhat better and yes.. we are feeling proud. He’s taken the hard road.

The plus side is that the military is a job just like any other job and a secure one at that. It helps with college and employment after they are discharged. It builds character and physical strength. It provides benefits that cannot be had with regular employment. But the downside, of course, is the first thing we think of… the danger.


Politically, I used to be fairly moderate to progressive with a couple of conservative stances on fiscal issues. But now, after our son’s announcement, I’m backing the Republican Party one hundred percent this year and in 2008. Why? Because I don’t trust the Democrats to keep my son safe while in the military. I don’t trust the Democrats to do the right thing against terrorists. After Bill Clinton decimated military preparedness while he was in office, the United States has had a weakened defense system, one that needs to built back up and quickly! I liken it to having had pneumonia. While you are sick, you become weaker and viruses (Al Qaeda) attack while you are weak. Therefore, you must build up your health stores and get back into physical fitness. Our military needs to get back into the business of a strong offense and defense.

It may sound cold to some and not politically correct at all, but I don’t care about living conditions at Guantanomo Bay or whether prisoners of war have everything they ask for. They are treated far better than terrorists have treated our soldiers in this continuous war on terror! Our POWs in Vietnam and Korea and WWII and WWI were not treated with respect.  I know, I know..do unto others, but in war the rules are different. In war, atrocities should be met with justice for the victims. Remember the burning of bodies in Iraq? Remember them being paraded and desicrated on the streets? Remember the beheadings of Berg and others captured by these same terrorists? Remember their screams and pleas going unheard by merciless radical muslims? I remember these things with extreme anger at such atrocities. I remember my anger after 9/11 and the hope I felt when George Bush assumed the office of the President. I remember feeling relieved that Gore had lost the election because I sincerely believe that Democrats are all talk and no action. They live in an idealistic world that is far from reality and offer no plan whatsoever to deal with Islamic fascists. I believe that there is evil in the world and we are seeing some of it right now. There are right beliefs and wrong beliefs and some are just plain more wrong than others.


Anyway, long rant aside, he leaves for Basic Training in one week and his father and I will be there to see him off, sadly, with bittersweet memories of his first day at school, his first big football game, and his graduation day from high school swirling in our thoughts. God bless him and all those in the military branches of the United States.