Bush Dumb?

George Bush

Liberals and democrats have always played the game of “we are more intellectual than you.” For them, unless you believe thier politics, you are stupid or uneducated. I’m getting a little tired of their relentless mantras, “Repbulicans are dumb.” “George Bush is dumb.” Ronald Reagan is dumb.” This smacks of class snobbery.

We’ve always known that democrats believe they are better than everyone else: better educated, dressed, housed, etc. But it’s never more apparent than during election season. They claim to be for the “little guy” but usually that means, “we don’t trust ordinary, stupid citizens to make their own decisions in life.” Republicans, however, have always advocated limited government unless stepping in is necessary to keep us free. George Bush is an ordinary guy who acts like an ordinary guy, rather than put on the effete, snobbish, class conscious act that dems like Clinton, Kerry, and Kennedy do. Acting as if everyone on the planet is dumb except them isn’t going to get the dems very far. We aren’t as stupid as they think we are. City dwellers have always bought into the stereotype that rural dwellers are stupid and now their politicians are doing the same. Just because we work with our hands rather than dwell exclusively in the world of ideas does not make us ignorant, it makes us pragmatic. I’d rather be pragmatic.

6 thoughts on “Bush Dumb?

  1. Thanks Rob! I just get so tired of the mischaracterization of republicans, especially when I was in college. Thanks again for the comment! 🙂

  2. I don’t think Bush is dumb. You can’t be dumb and get a degree from Yale, even if you do get C’s.

    I disagree with him a lot, but I don’t see the point in mudslinging.

    However, I do disagree that Republicans can be painted with the broad brush of limited government. It seems to me that certain aspects of Republican policies, particularly neoconservative Republican policies, could be considered big government issues, particularly in the realm of military-industrial complex. Contracting out goverment services to private companies still involves bigger government in the form of providing funds to ensure those contracts are carried out. So perhaps it’s not a simple matter of “big” versus “limited” government, but more an issue of what aspects of government should be “big” and “limited.”

    But I agree, I don’t see any benefit in calling anyone dumb. Not only is it immature, it’s counterproductive. But then again, so is comparing them to Nazis…

  3. Jason, both sides of the political equation are “painted” with broad brushes and it’s really unfortunate. Both sides want to grow the government, but for different reasons. Republicans are so “capitalism” while Democrats do have a touch of “socialism” about them. Neither is evil or wrong in itself and we could probably use a healthy dose of both. I just don’t see why Bush has to be demonized, but I suppose Republicans deserve it after they treated Clinton the same way. It’s just sooooo old school to label Republican Presidents dumb.

  4. Good point. Another thing that bothers me is how they immediately begin widespread use of all of the ridiculous nicknames some pimple-faced liberal kid is coming up with in his mom’s basement. Conservatard, for instance. You don’t see conservatives going around calling them dumbocrats or anything. Gah.

  5. Roy, you make an excellent point. I find that the left are much more mean-spirited about their name-calling. It’s as if they are thinking, “How dare they disagree with us!” Thanks for the comment.

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