Fall TV Season


Shows I’m keeping an eye on this Fall:

(yes I watch alot of tv when I’m not reading or running around with church activities)

Dancing With the Stars (I love this show! For those who can’t stomach American Idol)

Supernatural (Teen shows can be a whole lot more interesting than adult shows. Yes, I was a Buffy/Angel fan)

Two and a Half Men (Watch it for the sheer comic genious of Jon Cryer alone)

Amazing Race (I personally preferred Treasure Hunters, but it’s compelling tv nonetheless)

Survivor (The best reality show on tv right now. The macrocosm of society in micro form. Fascinating)

The First 48 (Morbid but superior show about detectives and the first 48 hours of murder investigation in various U.S. cities)

Ghost Hunters (Great debunking show! These ghost hunters go into a place to debunk a haunting with sometimes surprising results)

Iron Chef America (You’ve got Alton Brown as host and the best American chefs competing. I want to be a judge!!)

Shows I’ve given up on or nearly so:

CSI: (The original is still the best, but has gotten boring. Who cares if Grissom ends up with Sarah? Bad move)

Lost (I wish this actually went somewhere. The tease has taken too long. Still intermittently interesting)

Bones (The chemistry between the two leads is as dry as, well, old bones)