The Pope and Islam


The pope has gotten into trouble this morning for quoting an ancient text about Islam. Never mind that the pope didn’t actually say what the islamofascists say he did. What he quoted wasn’t very “pc” was it? Well good. The truth isn’t always politically correct. In fact the term “politically correct” has come to mean the opposite of correct. To be politically correct is to say what everyone wants to hear, i.e. the truth. With Islamic fascism, no one is allowed to speak against a regime that tells you what to think. This is why they are so dangerous to society. In fact, for islamic fascists, it’s dangerous to even quote someone else, even when not making the opinion your own. The mere speaking of words they don’t agree with is a crime for them. They obviously do not understand nuance and context.

And DON’T EVEN try to equate Christians with this kind of fascism! At least in America you are free to voice your opinion without fear of death. If you don’t believe that, then I feel sorry for your loss of perspective.