Army Blues


Got our first letter from our son in Basic Training. Poor boy is homesick as all get out. I knew he would be, but I don’t think HE knew how much he would be and he wrote the letter during processing week!! He has said that the most boring times during his recruitment were the periods of hurrying up to wait during his ASVAB tests, physical, etc. Now it’s more hurry up and wait. Besides boredom he has a lot of time to think and probably went through some mental gymnastics like, “What in God’s name was I thinking?!” I hear the first two or three weeks are the hardest and after that, you get used to it. We haven’t got an official address yet, so I feel bad not being able to write yet. When I can, I’ll fill him in on all his usual goings-on. His girlfriend actually got his first call and after my initial “What?? He called his girlfriend first?” I thought, well, I wouldn’t call my parents first either. So it all evens out. I’m over it, but I’m sorry he’s homesick. This too shall pass. The Army will be good for him and like any other job, will mature him and show him how the world works out there. College doesn’t really prepare you for life or a job. College is only the world of ideas and not reality. While it was fun and interesting, college work exists in theory land. Until you get out there and DO something, all your education is for nought. I’ll keep you posted.