Ghosts and Those Who Hunt Them

One of my favorite shows on TV is Ghost Hunters, which airs on the Sci Fi Channel on Wednesday evenings at 9:00 p.m.

Grant and Jason

This show, unlike all the other paranormal shows out there, really offers good entertainment from a couple of ordinary working guys who don’t set out to prove ghosts exist, but try to debunk a claim of haunting. Sure, sure, I’m not that gullible. I know this could be a put-on premise and some of it does seem awfully staged, but I honestly think that this is how the ordinary joe would go about trying to check out ghost stories. I would. Sometimes their results are typical and they do debunk the claim. They actually found out one guy’s house was so toxic with mold and fumes and electric discharge that it caused him to have hallucinations so that he thought his house was haunted! Now that’s debunking! But at other times they come up with some pretty spooky footage. You can access alot of it at their own web site.

What I dislike about paranormal shows is that the producers always have to haul in some kind of psychic to get “readings” when we all know that this method is so far from verifiable to be convincing. I hate it when these psychics go into a place and start out, “I feel a presence………..” Well, no &^*% you feel a presence, it’s called a CAMERA! HELLO! But all kidding aside, this kind of “investigation” tells me nothing about whether a place is haunted or not. Thank goodness, the Ghost Hunters guys don’t do that. Like them, I want film of ghosts, sounds, the works! I honestly think Ghost Hunters provides that. Our whole family is addicted. Check it out. Season Premier for Season Three is October 11 (watch the previous season’s goodies all day before the premier).