SPAM the Internet Bully

I did some fidgeting with Spam controls on the blog this morning, because after a month free of the wicked stuff, comment SPAM are coming on full force. I hate SPAM, the internet kind, not the tinned stuff. 🙂 Mostly adolescent males (this includes men 14-49) with nothing else to do, invented SPAM so as to annoy the living hell out of normal people with things to do. Somehow they think it’s cute, or that it will generate money, or that we all want to see their porn sites and can’t wait for them to tell us where they are. Like all adolescents, ignoring them sometimes doesn’t work, but it’ll have to in this case. If you are extremely annoyed and are new to this you may visit here for guidance. Unfortunately, not all of us are CSS wizards so we must rely on Askimet or another widget to help us. If anyone has any ideas about taking care of this problem. Let me know.