A Supernatural and Ghostly Affair

I admit it, I’m having an affair with my television every Wednesday and Thursday night. supernaturalOn Wednesday I’m watching Grant and Jason chase ghosts on Ghost Hunters and on Thursday I’m having a serious crush on Jensen Ackles who plays Dean Winchester on Supernatural. Yes, I know it’s a teen show, but a woman can have a fantasy can’t she? Robbing the supernatural cradle you say? Tell that to Demi Moore. Anyway, in the second season, on the second show, Sam and Dean are on the trail of vampires, or so they thought. They are really trying to save vampires from vampire hunter who has hated vampires ever since they ‘turned’ his sister into one. Amber Bensen (she was Tara on Buffy) makes an interesting appearance as a reformed vampire who just wants to be left alone in typical Marlene Deitrich fashion. The quality of this show improves with each episode that is aired. The dialogue is not moronic and is occasionally witty and the music is not this advertised/promotional crap that passes for background music. I hate it when TV producers try to cross-promote their labels’ musical artists on TV shows. But, whoever writes for the show knows his rock ‘n’ roll because there’s always something good playing on the guys’ radio. The show’s leads, Padalecki and Ackles, are not as annoying as some of their age can be. They don’t take themselves too seriously and aren’t chasing skirt the whole time. And of course, they are extremely easy on the eyes. All in all, Supernatural is a pretty enjoyable experience. I love shows with supernatural themes and this fits the bill nicely.

Anyway, back to Wednesday the TAPS people were in Tombstone, Arizona checking out the Bird Cage Theater ghost huntersfor ghosts in their season premier. Didn’t catch much on video, but they had numerous encounters. They even saw their first full body apparition, the Holy Grail of ghost hunting. Unfortunately, no video. You really should see the show, if only to compare it to those other lame shows that claim to find ghosts, Haunting Evidence, A Haunting, etc, etc. No psychics here, just debunkers. I love it that Jason and Grant want to catch hard evidence of ghosts and not just go in somewhere expecting to see something. I don’t much like the personal storylines about their crew (Brian’s troubles, etc.) but every show has to have some filler. They are at their best however when they stick to ghostbusting. Next week they’re checking out the O.K. Corral. Should be good. My TiVo is set while I’m on vacation.

Nothing new to report on Survivor or Amazing Race. Nothing seems difficult here. Survivors have plenty of food and the tasks on Amazing Race are walk-throughs. Ho-hum.. TTFN!

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