It Ain’t Easy Being Green, But I’m Giving It a Whirl

I have stayed away from politics on this blog simply because I hadn’t made up my mind conclusively about the voting situation this November 7. I initially thought I would back Bush because I felt Republicans provided more military support than Democrats (I still think that) and then realized that, you know what? No matter who’s in office, they better darn well provide military support or they’ll get reamed by the media and all mothers and fathers of military service personnel. So, I thought and thought and realized politics sucks. I mean literally. Republicans and Democrats both offer smarmy intellectual and moneyed elites as candidates who think they are “in touch” with the average voter when in reality, neither Party’s candidates ever look like they’ve worried about their next paycheck covering bills or how they’re going to pay for those prescriptions doctors keep doling out like candy. Neither Party has a handle on reality. Neither Party has a positive vision for the United States. Neither Party is optimistic about a future. Both are fear-mongerers. If you don’t vote Democrat, you’ll always be in a war! Yes, if you don’t vote Republican, your taxes will go sky high! It’s capitalism all the way for all of these people. Corporations rule on BOTH sides of the fence. Never let the Dems tell you they are for the little guy. You mean like John Kerry’s wife, who is heir to the Heinz fortune? She’s not corporate? She’s ON THE BOARD for pity’s sakes. Give me a break, as John Stossel likes to say.

So I went looking for someone, anyone, with a positive vision. That’s like looking for an honest Green PartyGovernor in Illinois. NOT! Anyway, I came across the Illinois Green Party web site recently and was pleasantly surprised to realize I agree with all of their Ten Key Values. I question the wisdom of disarmament in such a violent world, but overall and generally, I agree with them. I mean we have to start somewhere right? What have the Repubs or Dems EVER DONE to change the status quo????? I’ll tell you what….NOTHING! Sure I fear for my son’s and every other service person’s safety during their career in the military, but we have to move away from all that political crap that some rich, white men have created. We have to at least try to move away from “my gun is bigger than your gun” mentality. We have to move beyond the fear and step out. What is it they say? If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll never get anything different? This country was founded by a handful of rich, white capitalist men and their wives who didn’t want to share the loot with the motherland. The issue of wealth is a class barrier to keep the dirty masses from mingling with the rich. Out of sight, out of mind. Right?

And what about taxes??? Are you kidding? While I agree that we shouldn’t be taxed for things not beneficial to the common good, I don’t agree that taxes are inherently evil. I believe in a WELL-implemented social welfare program for those who fall below poverty level (and that’s a higher level than the government likes to say it is) and/or those who cannot afford basic food, shelter, and health care. I believe in socialized medicine. I believe in a strong military defense to keep others from harming us if they can’t or won’t listen to reason, but I don’t believe in being the world’s police. Let other countries do the policing if they want. Strong defense not offense! As for all varieties of religious and political terrorists out there? Well, some people just need a good ass-kicking and I’m all for that! All terrorists are merely adolescents who have never learned to share or play well with others or even reached puberty for God’s sakes. I believe in diversity, but people, it’s been proven, will divide along national and ethnic lines no matter how hard you try to combat it. I most certainly believe in feminism, but not the kind that characterizes all men as evil or believes that women cannot CHOOSE to stay home and raise children if she wants to. I know some pretty evil women myself and they can be just as ruthless and vicious as men can. Well, at least they should get paid the same wages for it! I believe the government should fund alternate forms of fuel and energy: solar, wind, etc. and if they won’t private companies should. I believe everyone should have a light rail system to get to work on so as to provide alternatives to autos. I pretty much believe in any method to try besides what’s been done already.

But sadly, no one is listening in Washington. For once, I’m going to try to do something about it. There is no such thing as a throw-away vote. There is no thing as canceling out a vote. With all the rhetoric about voting, I’ve even considered not voting at all, which many people have decided to do. But, I’m not that pessimistic, YET. I also must consider how a Christian would vote. I do not vote what people tell me to. I read, become informed, take all stances into consideration, and then decide. An exellent Catholic Voter’s Guide is offered by Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good even though fundamentalist Catholics are having hissies over it. All of the issues covered in the Catholic concern for human dignity statement pretty much align with Green Party Values. On the Protestant side there are numerous guides, (and here) depending on how fundamentalist you are. Or if a progressive Christian, here.  YOU MUST decide for yourself what the important issues are. I’m not going to be sidetracked by single issue extremists. Life is never about a single issue. You must consider the whole AND the common good! (Aren’t I so John Stuart Mill?)

Good luck and Good voting!