The Need to Decompress

Whew! Things are getting heady around here. Too much thinking and not enough grounding. Meaning, that I need to empty my head and disassociate from the over- analytical mind for a bit. I’ve been reading blogs around cyberspace and have come to the conclusion that arguing with people is a waste of time. A HUGE waste of time. Most people are convinced of their own way anyway, so why bother? I do not believe in evangelization of ANY sort and forgive me if you think that’s what I’m trying to do here. Nope, no sir, not me. I don’t give to Missions programs for the same reason. I have absolutely no right to impose my religion on anyone else. I don’t even have the right to impose my idea of Deity on anyone else. I don’t believe in proselytizing of any kind, because if God’s in the business of getting people on God’s side, God can do that all by itself, without me. But people get so angry when challenged about their beliefs anyway, it’s best to ser clear of any discussions about faith. Faith is relative anyway.

Daily OmIn the blogosphere we can see some very polite people offering an alternate view of reality, but we also have some very mean spirited and vicious people who cannot believe that those who don’t agree with them can possibly exist. We have Christians arguing with atheists, atheists baiting Christians, atheists debating atheists, liberals vs. conservatives, gay vs. straight, Muslims and Christians hating each other, men refusing to hear women, women hating men, etc, and on and on and on….. Dualisms abound! The only thing worse is politics.

Trying to practice silence is the hardest thing a person can do. Especially in cyberspace. Of course, we have blogs to spill our guts into, but where’s the restraint? Is anything good to put out there just because I think it? Shouldn’t some things be left unsaid? There is no discipline in Western culture at all. People must constantly fill their heads with crap. I know I do. I have TV crap, radio crap, novel crap, work crap, sports crap, and music crap. We have such a get-that-last-word-in talk show mentality that if you watch these debates really closely, you realize that no one is listening to the other speak any more. Not on TV and not in face-to-face conversation. In fact, the vitriol and hatred from these groups and individuals is frightening.

Let’s practice civility for once. Let someone else have the last word. Let pride in your own brilliance go wounded a few times. Keep the sarcasm to yourself once in a while. No one wants to practice kindness first. Well then, no wonder no one is ever kind back.