Let’s Kill All Fat People and Be Done With It!

NYTNOT! Here’s a pretty good article about obesity hysteria currently sweeping the world. However, what a bunch of hooey the “information” behind this stuff is. They write a good article and ruin it with more myths. There is no definitive fat person. Every body is different. Some are “overweight” for different reasons. Overeating is not the cause of all obesity. Grow up, people! If anybody thinks people are less healthy now than they were 100 years ago, they’re deluded. People are far healthier now and fat is NO indication of health. If anybody thinks that body fat amounts aren’t genetic or cultural, they are even more deluded. If anybody thinks that the CDC didn’t INVENT a new BMI index to include more people in their findings in order to fund the diet industry, they can’t be helped. Why do we listen to anything the media tells us anyway? Inform yourself. Go here, here, and here.

Change how you see, not how you look.