Big Hair = No Brains in Politics

Have you noticed that the bigger a man’s hair the more trouble he gets into in politics and the more he lacks political common sense? During our morning coffee break at work, my co-workers and I developed the theory that if a man has big hair, it spells disaster on the political scene. Take for example, Rod Blagojevich, the “esteemed” governor of Illinois. Big hair. Boy, what blunders! He’s a disaster who has already happened to the state of Illinois.

But think about it for a moment. We’ve seen Bill Clinton, John Kennedy (I’m sure he and Bobby are the exceptions in the brains department), Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Michael Dukakis, just to name a few. Of course with the exception of Clinton, they are all from New England, which could also explain the lack of brains theory.

RooseveltThose politicians who do the best have normal, little, or no hair: Ronald Reagan, Jessie Ventura, Arnold Schwarzenegger (debatable about the amount of hair), John Edwards, Franklin Roosevelt, you could name a few more as well.

There’s something about the vanity of thick hair I think that goes straight to a man’s brain and signals him to act foolish and idiotic. The fact that you’re in your upper 40s and 50s and still have so much hair indicates some throwback gene, I’m sure.