Dobson and Ilk, As Obtuse as Ever

Dobson believes that the reason the Democrats won so many seats during the election is because “values voters” stayed home and didn’t vote at all (toward the end of the article). Riiiiiigggghhhht! Then he blames it on the Republicans for their not listening to their base. Uh-Huh. Sure.

No, the reason the Democrats won the election is because the so-called “values voters” are probably tired of hypocrites like Dobson. He treats his listeners like dummies (have you ever listened to his show?). He refuses to listen to to his “flock” when they say that the issues during elections are NOT always about the holy triumvirate of the radical right: abortion/homosexuality/stem cell research. It’s true, people are sick of the war in Iraq and I think they finally saw through the bombast coming out of7 deadly sins the Oval Office. However, people are also sick of hearing from the likes of Swaggert, Bakker, Falwell, Dobson, Haggard, Driscoll, and their ilk, screaming at them about what hateful sinners we all are, when these same preachers have proven themselves less than perfect themselves.

Can we now quit listening to them and feeding their swelled heads with praise? These men mean nothing and the elections took all the wind out of their sails– I hope– and showed them that we weren’t all sheep following their every command when we go to the polls.

I have always hated condescension from religious leaders. There’s something about such condescension that implies, ‘you are dumb unless you listen to me.’ For them, our study of scripture and our prayer life and our meditation means nothing unless it lines up with their teaching or their pearls of wisdom. There needs to be regime change in the Church as well.


2 thoughts on “Dobson and Ilk, As Obtuse as Ever

  1. You have a point but not all preachers do this. Besides, they are God’s anointed. We are to pray for them, not call them bigots or worse names like that.

  2. Men are not above criticism. No one is God’s annointed but Jesus (this concept of God’s “annointed” is found nowhere in the New Testament).

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