Strong Arming Your Flock

Here’s a sad state of affairs at Mark Driscoll’s church and the Mars Hill camp. I’m getting so weary of megalomaniacal pastors who lord it over their flocks for who knows what? Purity? Fame? Or merely the love of control over others? Pastors like these do not trust the Holy Spirit to work in people’s lives without their intervention. They also seem to think that success means a huge church with a huge staff. Not only is our government sucking us dry, our churches are as well. Repent and give til you have nothing left!


2 thoughts on “Strong Arming Your Flock

  1. This overemphasis on tithing is way too extreme and unbiblical. I think Paul said in one of his letters, that each should give according to what they want to and can? And Jesus taught love not money. He also taught that God would provide for all our needs. It’s sad that things should fall to such an unloving “worry” for money. It’s just sad that people have to stress about whether they’re giving the church money or not. You could be giving 100% of your money to a missionary couple working with malnutritioned and/or diseased kids in Africa, or even 1% of your money there, and God would see and know. Giving the church money is right when you want to. Pressure is unloving…

  2. Exactly! The only real reference to giving in Paul’s letters is to set aside a portion to give to those in another church that were needing it badly. Where does it say to support your ministries with others’ tithes? Thanks Diana.

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