Yet Another Christian Sells Out

kinkadeWhy is Christianity so market-driven? Because it sells. Christians buy useless crap and bible after bible, repackaged to any particular audience the producer can dream up. I know, because I fall for these marketing ploys over and over. But the most annoying crap to come out of Christendom is from the paint by numbers “art” of Thomas Kinkade. Well, here’s what happens when you turn your “ministry” into a business. In this Beliefnet article, Kinkade engaged in alot more than painting fuzzy, happy-bunny pictures for the God-besotted:

The more bizarre allegations came out in those same legal proceedings, when former employees and business associates recounted in very specific detail such un-Christian-like behavior as visiting strip clubs, groping a woman’s breast at a signing party, and urinating in public places, including Disneyland (poor Pooh!) and a Las Vegas hotel elevator.

In a bizarre twist to this entire drama, it’s these allegations of lewd conduct that Kinkade is not denying. (He has denied the accusations of financial impropriety). In a deposition, the artist mentioned his practice of urinating outdoors, saying he “grew up in the country” where it was common. When asked specifically about the alleged Las Vegas elevator incident, Kinkade admitted it might have happened. “There may have been some ritual territory marking going on, but I don’t recall it,” he said. In the same deposition, Kinkade also said there was a lot of drinking and “rowdy talk” at the party in question, but he couldn’t quite remember what he did to the breasts of the woman who claims he harassed her.

For Pete’s sake, how can people support men like this? What’s so annoying about people like Kinkade is that they feel they are above everyone else and can do whatever they want because they know people will buy their crap. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Read more here.


10 thoughts on “Yet Another Christian Sells Out

  1. It is market driven becasue it is control driven, In other words you need to control as many people as possible to control religion. It is just not christianity alone which is market driven. all other religions are also not far behind. It’s just that christianity is way ahead in sucess rate.

  2. Suresh, I’m sure there is that element of control that keeps you coming back for “newer” and “fresher” teachings repackaged in a painting, a bible, a sermon series, a bible study. I know I’m addicted to them, because I think that maybe this time, something will clinch it for me as far as convincing me wholeheartedly.

  3. I’m a Christian artist, but I don’t sell my work on the market, because I don’t like commercialism. I understand how angry people are with Christians, though. I was brought up in such a household. Nothing I say will make much of a difference, but I believe in God because of personal relationship with Him, not because I am churchy or pious, or “religious”. I hate religion. I hate falsehood. I don’t Judge Kincaid though. Everyone has to give an account for what they do in life, and how they handle their relationship with God. I thinkcriticizing Christians is a waste of time if you don’t face the question of “Do you believe in Jesus as your own personal Savior?” Why or why not, and are you certain in your choice, even when you find yourself at the brink of death? The true hypocrite is one who chooses not to really look into that.

  4. Sherry,
    Oh, by no means is informing other Christians about the scams of others a waste of time! Jesus warned us to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Better to be warned than be suckered.

  5. Yes, we are well aware of all the wolves out there. The world is obviously full of them, and many ARE dressed in Christian wool. Trouble is, people are being shepherded into fenced-in pens to avoid the religious predators. It’s very difficult to be penned in by political correctness and worldly “sophistication,” and then expect God’s green grass to grow in trampled sheep pens. Let’s carry this rural scene to its final conclusion: Grass grows under positive influences, in balance of sun and rain and soil, and sheep in the true pasture are healthy and productive. We are asked to “graze” on our own free will. The Shepherd will take care of the wolves. I

  6. Sherry,
    We all handle it different ways. You go ahead and graze, if that’s your calling, and let others follow their own calling. The shepherd takes care of the wolves IN THE END. But for now, it doesn’t hurt to give them warnings. I feel it’s my calling to warn the naive.

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