Mid-Season TV Musings

Well, it’s mid-season in TV land, meaning that the new schedules run from October-December and then February-March. I hate that. We used to watch The Sopranos until we got rid of HBO because the hiatuses would be so long, you no longer cared what happened on the show. Not only that, they cancelled Carnivale which clinched it for me. Lost and Dancing With the Stars are on hiatus, which is fine, because I need a break from both. Ghost Hunters is also on hiatus again. Good grief, can they show MORE than 5 shows per season???!!! My favorite crime drama, The Closer, will be returning December 4 with a two-hour season premier, ruining the weird TV schedule even more. Thank goodness for TiVo or I’d never be able to find all the premiers myself on DirecTV!

I finished watching The Monastery last Sunday and was very pleasantly surprised at the monks living in Christ in the Desert monastery. They were fun, loving, articulate, and very well educated in human psychology and theology (of course). I would like to spend some time there myself, trying to get my head together and soak up the silence (if you haven’t noticed, I’m developing a “thing” for silence). The series was too short for my taste, but 40 days is a long time to be at a monastery!

Amazing Race 10 has become old hat, as has Survivor but I still watch because you never know what might happen. 🙂 Supernatural just keeps getting better and better and my son and I have the same crush on Jensen Ackles. (shhhhhh. Don’t tell my husband!) 🙂