Themes and Memes

It’s very hard to find a theme in WordPress that expresses exactly how you wish to convey your thoughts on the web. Some themes seem very harsh, some seem too soft. Others too dark and others too light. How do you choose. I like variety. I am one of those people who changes their screensaver and desktop image at least once a week, so is it surprising I get bored with my theme? I’m a woman of volatile tastes; in themes, religion, spirituality, and television.the closer

Speaking of television, I watched the two hour season premier of The Closer last night and while I love the characters in this show, the episode isn’t one of their best. My hubby and I were laughing because we couldn’t keep up with the plot. Between his mind going and my back going out, who will take care of us when we are old. 🙂 I really enjoy watching this show and hope they live up to last season’s caliber of excellent writing and characterization.


2 thoughts on “Themes and Memes

  1. What a very good blog indeed. Bright, breezy but with substance. I’ll be checking this out often. And will put a link to it. No need to reciprocate.

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