Christians Wax Nostalgic For Days Gone By


This movement is one of those bizarre instances of Christians not living in the real world. In an effort to “bring back family values” some groups of Christians (usually hard-core homeschoolers) are trying to revive an idealistic era in American history in which some Christians believe sin did not exist. Hearkening back to a “simpler” time, some Christian men, who are afraid to live in the 21st century with 21st century women, are encouraging the creation of families to “grow” boys that are warriors and girls that are models of femininity. Mothers are to be mothers and keepers of the home because that’s the way God intended it.

I find this kind of fear of life very sad. I used to be caught up in this atmosphere myself and thank common sense that I snapped out of it or my husband and I would be heading for divorce. I put too much pressure on him to perform as good Christian soldiers are supposed to do and tried to mold him into the father figure these fundamentalists say is normal. Ironically, reading the bible obsessively is what saved me. I found that the bible cannot stand extremely close study without its glaring contradictions and errors coming to the fore. It is NOT a systematic theological system of thought. Far from it. You may continue to delude yourself that the entire “book” is harmonious in every aspect, as most fundamentalists and dominionists do. One fundamentalist, charismatic author who travels the country with her seminars aimed at women says this,

Think about the simple, uncomplicated approach a child has to life. They are carefree and completely without concern. It is their nature to trust unless they have had an experience in that area that taught them otherwise. Jesus wants us to grow and mature in our behavior, but He also wants us to remain childlike with an attitude of trust and dependence toward Him. All He wants to hear us say is “I believe it.”

Believing simplifies life. It releases joy and leaves us free to enjoy our lives while God takes care of our circumstances. That is what you have to start doing if you want to have any joy. Simply believe God.

(“Joy Stealers #3, Joyce Meyer’s 7 Things That Steal Your Joy)

The reality is that Christians like those in the article wish they were inside an idealistic bubble, free from sin, cares, worries, and evil women. Since it is men who found these movements and meek women who follow them, the misogyny is rampant. Did you catch the admonishment above? We are to “remain childlike” and let others (i.e. God:Men) tell you what to do. Simply believe, she tells us. One can never simply believe without others telling you that this or that doctrine or movement is correct. And don’t even say the bible explains all. There is no consistent position in the bible except to love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself. That’s it. Going beyond that creates Christian movements, sects, mega-church cults, and charismatic preachers soaking up the money of the naive. These Christians are afraid of real life, pure and simple. If Jesus did anything, he lived among sinners and thrived. Now, that’s life.