Happy Anniversary to Me!


Yesterday, my hubby and I celebrated (quietly) our 26th wedding anniversary! Unfortunately, I had to spend the day taking various stress tests for some “ticker” trouble that I’ve been having since we came back from Maine. Cardiologists suspects blockage. I hope it’s nothing serious. I won’t find out ’til Monday, however. Prayers are greatly appreciated! 🙂

In the meantime, Christmas shopping is under way, but when you are on a limited budget and the possibility of medical bills looms large, people will have to accept what we can afford. Imagine! It’s forcing us to reconsider what gifts mean for a time such as Christmas, when the focus isn’t supposed to be on gift giving between humans at all. The only gift is from the Divine and our acceptance of it…freely, without reciprocation. Now there’s a concept….giving without expecting anything in return.


2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Me!

  1. Happy Anniversary, Ann! Wow 26th, that means you are old. I am not even 26 years old. lol. I will be praying for your test results God bless your Monday! I love the idea of a christmas with just the gift of Christ.


  2. Thanks Diana! I am old!!! 🙂 Unfortunately, the test shows I have blockage. I get to have a heart catheterization for Christmas. Keep praying!!!

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