God as Mother

Here is an interesting post by Graham at his blog about the Motherhood of Godde, which some Christians finds offensive. Others believe is sacrilegious and their arguments should be titled, “Seven Reasons Why We Stubbornly Refuse to Call God Mother.” But I have always thought that if Godde still speaks today, Godde is not confined to the pages of a book or to a specific religion or to a region in the world. Many different concepts of Godde emerge from many parts of the world. The Middle Eastern view is a particularly misogynist view ofgaia Godde. The Celtic view is not. Why should any one region have the monopoly on defining Godde? Some would say because Jesus is Middle Eastern. So? Could not Godde have made Jesus Asian or African? Of course. Therefore, Godde is much larger than the region from which Jesus comes. Godde is universal, beyond our imaginings and beyond human stereotype. Godde is beyond the sexism inherent in all patriarchal religions. If you don’t think so, then to quote J. B. Phillips, “Your God is too small.” Godde as mother is vital today as never before. Only when we accept the motherhood of God, will this planet heal itself and violence take a backseat to peace. I’m convinced of it.