On Hiatus….

so longAfter several months of blogging, I’m taking a little break. I suddenly realized that I haven’t physically written in my pen and paper journals for ages (I’ve journaled for 30 years this way). I am constantly distracted at work thinking about writing blog entries and reading blogs for information and amusement. I have totally givien up reading and enjoying good books and I miss that. I’ve basically traded human interaction for interaction with machinery. I miss all of it.

I’ve also found that, while the majority of bloggers are indeed wonderful, loving people, there are many, many others wasting our precious time blogging hateful, spiteful things that should never see the light of day let alone be read by any sane person. They are mostly religious whackjobs and misogynists (not mutually exclusive). I’ve noticed that the world doesn’t get changed by our blogging because the majority of those not blogging are out working for change while the rest os us just arguing about how to do it. After blogging you also begin to realize that your own thoughts are really not as special as you once thought and that there is indeed “nothing new under the sun.” After all, no one really wants to read the same thing over and over.

It’s all part of the massive detox program I’m beginning Jan. 1. No church, no religion, no blog. I may be back after the holidays and I may not.  It also depends on my health after Jan. 5. Thanks for reading as long as you have and I may be seeing you, if I have anything relavent to say. 🙂


3 thoughts on “On Hiatus….

  1. Therefore the Master
    acts without doing anything
    and teaches without saying anything.
    Things arise and she lets them come;
    things disappear and she lets them go.
    she has but doesn’t expect.
    When her work is done, she forgets it.
    That is why it lasts forever.


  2. Beautiful reply Flora!

    If you know anything about me from reading this blog, I’m sure you know I can’t keep my “mouth” shut and eventually must write. 🙂 Thank you my friend.

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