Last Word on Left Behind Video Games

According to my last post on the Left Behind video game, one of the Left Behind people left me a comment that “chastises” me for not buying the game myself and reviewing it. Other comments (deleted by me because of blatant promotion and advertising) waxed eloquent about the game and how it “teaches” us moral values and rot like that. Well AlterNet has a wonderful review that will be the last word for me on the idiocy of the game. If that’s not enough, please go to the Christians themselves (no not THOSE Christians–the reasonable ones) at Talk To Action website and read their thorough analysis of this phenomenon.

The whole point of the video game is to MAKE MONEY and I suppose we can’t fault them for jumping on the capitalist bandwagon, I truly hope they don’t think they are  going to evangelize anyone. True gamers are smarter than that. The game is mainly to give Christians an excuse to play video games, since fundamentalist Christians are notorious for blaming all of society’s ills on this form of entertainment. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! 🙂