Nothing Like a Blocked Artery to Bring You To Your Knees

Eye of God

Well, I’m back. Most of you know I went in to the hospital for a heart catheterization on Friday to check out a “possible” blockage. Well, they found a blockage all right. The main front artery feeding blood to my heart was 99% blocked, meaning, I could have had a massive heart attack at any moment!! Man! What a wake up call!! The doctor unblocked it with an angioplasty and put in a coated stent. I had two other blockages of less than 40% which they are going to try to treat with medicine, diet, and exercise. To be 46 years old with this kind of blockage indicates heredity as a primary factor, however, because my cholesterol was fine, for the most part. I have good LDLs (good cholesterol), but my triglycerides (bad cholesterol) was through the roof. So the doctor chalked it up to a crummy metabolism and heredity as factors. Frankly, they were surprised I hadn’t had a heart attack already.

So after an overnight stay in the hospital to make sure my wound didn’t open (they go in through the main artery in your groin), I’m home and resting. I will go back to work Tuesday. I have to take a daily cocktail of Lipitor, Plavix, aspirin, and 4000 mg (yes, 4,000) of omega 3 fish oil tablets on top of the iron I have to take for anemia and antihistamines for chronic hives. Whew, I’m tired already!

But really folks, I thank God that I’m still here. I don’t believe that God saved me individually for a purpose or that God chose me, specifically, to save that day or any of that. That would imply that others praying that day and who had worse outcomes than mine weren’t listened to by God and I don’t believe that for one minute. I believe God gives us an innate ability to sense when our bodies aren’t working right and God also gives doctors the know-how to fix us when something goes wrong. No, I thank God for the comfort He provided during the procedure and for helping me to remain calm and not worry about what happens. I thank God for the peace I had on the table and the sense that He was with me throughout. To me, that’s the great benefit of spirituality and religion. Call it mind games if you will. Call it whatever you want, but for those of us not strong enough to go it alone in this vast, impersonal universe, God is the answer. I’m not ashamed of it and I’m done apologizing for it.  It’s mighty good to still be here. 🙂

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