Fundamentalism, Women, and Hate Speech

Heart over at Women’s Space/The Margins has an excellent, powerful article about the rantings of hateful fundamentalist men who wield control over women like a baseball bat. She uses the sad case of Andrea Yates as an example of this control and the results of it. I challenge all bible thumpers (and reasonable folks as well) to read her article. If you find yourself even remotely agreeing with Michael Woroniecki, Andrea Yates’ “pastor” who says,

The word of God is very sobering when it warns “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is iniquity and adultery. Although rebellion is common to all, the word of God continually emphasizes the particularly destructive power latent in “the contentious woman.” Witchcraft, as seen in the nature of Eve, is the underlying ATTITUDE of contention or insistence to HAVE YOUR WAY. Witchcraft is cooperating with Satanic motivation to manipulate, control and rule…This is the way of the adulterous woman. She eats and wipes her mouth and says, “I have done no wrong.” (Pr. 30:20). God says, “I find more bitter than death the woman WHOSE HEART IS SNARES AND NETS AND HER HANDS ARE CHAINS. Whoever is pleasing to God shall escape from her… You may be married or single, brazen or reserved, striking or simple, a pagan or a Christian but as a daughter of Eve you are born with the nature of a witch. No matter how blatant or subtle, “God is not mocked.”

…then you are a hateful fundamentalist. Period. If this is true Christianity in your eyes, then I want nothing to do with Christianity.  I’ll take my chances outside this kind of fold, thank you.