Women Are Too Sinful to Teach


Read this. I say let’s take action all you sinful women out there!!!! Don’t the men in charge know that the taint of woman can begin even when men are young, like in elementary school? So why do they “allow” us to teach children, for heaven’s sake? Isn’t grade school a man’s formative years? Isn’t this kind of leniency toward women flirting with the devil?
Here’s my proposal:

Women should stop all teaching in church. Stop Sunday school classes and bible studies. Men should take over all classes in Sunday school. Then men can be sure that women do not taint those poor little boys while they are still young.

Women should stop teaching other women. Isn’t that like the blind leading the blind?

Women should remove themselves from all Sunday schools and boards of education in churches. Everyone knows that those women already there will eventually lead men into seething hotbeds of feminism.

Women should do nothing but church laundry and other menial tasks. Wait, maybe we should quit doing that too.

If men want to do all the work of teaching, then I say let them do all the work, period. Why take a chance?

(Beware howls of outrage to come)