Ladettes to Ladies


Ok, I was bored and the hubby and I decided that maybe we could give HBO another go, since we don’t go out that often (can’t afford it) and we needed MORE distraction, you know 100+ channels with nothing to watch. So we got on the DirecTV web site and change our package to include the movie channel. We blissfully started changing the channels immediately looking to TiVo something on Super Bowl Sunday. Other channels were having marathons of Ghost Hunters and The Closer (seen ’em) and others were watching paint dry. Anyway, I came across this little British gem, Ladette to Lady on the Sundance Channel. I’d never seen it before. Oh my goodness. This amusing little reality show claims to turn “hard-drinking, raucous young women” into what teachers at Eggleston finishing school for ladies consider British upper crust. The girls have to learn how to cook, sew, host parties, arrange flowers, and wear skirt and sweater sets at all times. The girls reminded me of my partying days in the 70s only raunchier. It seems that a few of the little college misses in our country could benefit from the rigorous taskmistresses at Eggleston Hall! I swear I’ve seen Rosemary Shrager somewhere on TV before. Oh well. This show is a fun look at how ladies of times past look upon girls of today. It’s worth it just to see the shocked look on the Headmistress of Morals’ face when she finds out one of the girls has been “snogging a man” in public!!!!!!! For shame!

Despite the obvious problems with the show’s premise (feminist issues, etc.), it’s a very revealing look at what some young women in Britain are going through on the dating scene today and the old-fashioned solutions that some people are offering in order to help these young women “catch a man.” If I had to catch the men of high society offered by some of these headmistresses, I might wish to be booted out at the end of the week also. Talk about insufferable boors. Anyway, it was very interesting trying to predict the transformation of some of the girls and the utter self-destructive downfall of others, but be warned. There is loads of bad language. While not as filthy as Deadwood, even I was shocked at what came out of some of these girls mouths in this TV show. I mean REALLY!


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  1. LOl I really love this show I’ve been watching it for a while now. I definitely think it would be hard for any american girl to survive there past week two.

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