Right Wing Puritanism or Simple Manners?

Why is it wrong or particularly “right-wing” of some people to insist that bloggers have at least a modicum of manners and self-control in the public media?  The hysteria on the part of feminists and liberals over the insistence that John Edward’s campaign blogger show some restraint and public decency in her outbursts is mind boggling (go here for an example of her usual writing. Warning: explicit language). Why is it particularly right wing though to insist on civility? Do liberals not believe in manners? Are they free to say anything they want, but Christians must watch their speech? It would seem so. Is this how far we’ve come in political correctness that to even be offended by needlessly vulgar language is excoriated as “right wing?” Come on. Some things are just offensive and shouldn’t be said in a public place. Mollie at Get Religion has a wonderful take on this brouhaha.