One Punk Under God

Jay BakkerI have to tell you that I’m really liking having the Sundance Channel with HBO. They not only have interesting movies like Asian Extreme every Sunday night, but they have great shows like Ladette to Ladies. Another show I discovered this weekend is One Punk Under God. Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s son Jay is now a preacher (big surprise), but he’s a punk preacher with a good message this time and a heart for other punks. His Revolution church looks like something I’d like to attend on Sunday and following his life while he tries to care for his sick mother is fascinating. He also chronicles his emotional odyssey with his father as Jim Bakker tries to start another ministry. Jay struggles with the questions he was left with during the whole scandal in the 80s with candor and honesty. In one episode his father almost chastises Jay for preaching Ultimate Grace, but Jay sticks to his guns about the love of God. Fascinating, but ultimately redeeming television viewing. For a pretty good secular review, but from someone who doesn’t quite “get” the Christian thing, go here. For a pretty good Christian view, also from someone who doesn’t quite “get” the forgiving, grace-filled Christian thing, go here. The Christian reviewer seems to be able to judge and condemn Jay Bakker and his wife’s Christianity by only a few episodes. Typical Christian hubris. Another revealing interview, one that goes directly to Jay and interviews him (what a concept!) is one at Mother Jones magazine. Personally, I think there should be more churches like Jay’s that reach out to those traditionally excluded by the church. I’m sure there are somewhere, but in conservative-land where I live, you won’t see such a thing. Pity.


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  1. J.
    I wish you could see it too, And believe me, we understand about poor. We’re poor too. The only way we can afford satellite, and therefore HBO is because we never go out; to movies, to dinner, nothing. TV is all we have (oh, and the internet too). 🙂

  2. Okay, he does have a bunch of stuff on Youtube.

    Podcast 1

    Podcast 2

    There are lots more on there. I don’t vouch for how spiritually accurate it is, since I haven’t watched it yet.

    J. Kaiser

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