Ridiculous Story of the Day-Jesus’ Tomb Found

Guess what? They’ve found Jesus’ tomb! And not just his, but also his supposed wife’s (Mary Magdalene) tomb and all of their kids. DNA tests said so! Uh-huh. Sure. Right.

Tell me, how did they get original samples of Jesus and Mary’s DNA to compare to the DNA found in this tomb?????  Anybody?

I thought so.


4 thoughts on “Ridiculous Story of the Day-Jesus’ Tomb Found

  1. I gave it to them it was there in my house. DNA samples…I swear! 🙂

    You raised such a important question. Why are we after these tombs?. If you can just move into Christ consciousness with Love and passion. You always find him – No need for any DNA tests.

    I close my eyes to get to him whenever I need to meet him.

    Thanks for spelendid and courageous post!

  2. Hello I am Raymond from the Philippines. I just can’t stop myself from giving a comment. You are all wrong… The tomb is in my backyard. I also have some ossuaries reserved for Mr. Cameron and his wives. If you want DNA samples just call 1-800-INSANE.

    God bless!

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