I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, Hollywoodland, a film about the life and death of George Reeves of Superman fame. Many criticized the film because of Adrian Brody’s storyline taking up most of the picture. But, I found the reporter’s storyline to be the more compelling and interesting of the two. Simo’s personal life and attempts to find out the truth about Reeves death while dealing with his child, his wife, and his job provides a perfect frame for the smaller, more surreal life of Reeves. Frankly, George Reeves was not much of an actor. Ben Affleck, for once, does not walk through a movie woodenly spouting lines. He actually captures quite well Reeves’ boredom and self-deceived acting ambition. Diane Lane’s always excellent smoldering sexuality on film is kept adequately at bay as she portrays an MGM’s studio head’s wife who takes a shine to Reeves. While not the best film I’ve ever seen, it’s certainly not boring, trite, or filled with political or social messages meant to enlighten the stupid masses. It’s just good entertainment.


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