The Devil’s Playground


Thanks to Netflix, the family and I watched yet another fascinating film called The Devil’s Playground. This look into Rumspringa, a time in every Amish teen’s life where they may experiment with the outside world in preparation for their decision to join the church or not join the church is honest and informative. The director has no bias and lets the participants speak about their lives and decisions without slanting the portrait of Amish life either way. That’s refreshing in a documentary! When’s the last time you saw a documentary WITHOUT an agenda? Well, here it is. You can see these curiously mature and articulate teens struggling as they form their identities as Amish or as they learn to live with the “pleasures” of the “English world.” Some are caught up in the drug culture, while others fall in love, break up, and try to search their souls for what they really want in life. You’ve got to admire the Amish elders for recognizing the need to give such a free hand to teens in making this decision. Now if fundies could also learn to “let go” and trust the souls of others with such maturity…..


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  1. I love documentaries, and I’m always looking for a good one, as it’s hard to predict with them. This one sounds great… thanks for the good review… I’m going to add it to my ziplist (Canadian version of netflix) today.

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