ARGGGGGHHH! I Can’t Help Myself!

Suresh’s beautiful meditative photographs and this offering about blogging brought me out of my hole, especially this:

Is blogging new tension of your life? If blogging over a period time is sucking you and you feel that tremendous need to blog irrespective of how you feel on a day means you need to take a deep breath and answer few questions. I have set of contemplating questions for you . See if it can help you.

  • Do you check your blog often just to see traffic and comments continuously? why do you do that?
  • What happens if no-one reads your blog? will you still write?
  • How much blog has affected your life? Do you feel a subtle tension to go update, Check blog and respond. Can you say blogging is one of the positive influences in your life?
  • How do you handle negativity on your blog? does bad comments keep bothering you even after you walk away from your computer?
  • What creative energy has been enhanced after you started blogging? Have you felt uplifted or does it feels like obligation after sometime?
  • Is blogging your way telling world how angry you feel about issues? then don’t stay angry about the same thing after you write- let it go. why do you still stay angry after you wrote what you wanted to write?
  • Do you feel you have been disconnected from your world just because you are not updating blogs and making comments?

Just take a minute and answer few of the above questions and I am sure they can be fun.

I realized that blogging wasn’t fun anymore. I never expected anyone to actually READ what I wrote. It was more like an online space for personal thoughts. Egad! I then realized that I can’t keep my mouth shut even if someone paid me! Anyone want to pay me? 🙂


2 thoughts on “ARGGGGGHHH! I Can’t Help Myself!

  1. Don’t want to pay you, do want to read you.

    I find blogging has allowed me to increase my creativity. I enjoy the community and the freinds that I have made on-line.

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