Moral Bankruptcy of the Modern Left

Interesting article from the UK’s philosophy blog about the recent Iran hostage situation and the British soldiers. This man makes valid points about the “blame the West” crowd, those who see the West as the bad guy, and makes some cogent observations about the moral bankruptcy of the modern political left movement. Politically, I try to stay mum because I’m somewhat of a progressive with a son in the Army. I support simultaneous but not necessarily mutually exclusive causes sometimes. While I support a strong military for defense purposes, I don’t believe Americans should be the world’s police. I support my son and the Armed Forces 100 percent but believe it’s time to leave Iraq. So, I’m no hardliner either way. You know some movie director said in This Film is Not Yet Rated that pro-military war movies over the centuries have made Americans more warlike. I disagree. Being attacked by terrorists has made Americans more warlike. I don’t buy into the notion that people are morons, hopelessly affected by what they see on TV or in the movie theater. Violent people will see violent films and commit violent acts. Insisting otherwise is just classist bullshit at it’s worst. (This was an excellent movie, by the way, about the movie industry rating system). Anyway, check out the philosopher’s article. 🙂

ps. I thoughtfully answered Suresh’s questions about blogging and found that I fell into the obsessive stat checking category.


2 thoughts on “Moral Bankruptcy of the Modern Left

  1. I too support our troops. I also believe that Iraq was and still is a mistake. We were mislead by our emotions and are taste for revenge.
    I look forward to see this movie. Sounds very good. I do believe that the content of a movie does not make people go out and do things if that is not in their nature.

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