Religious Right Undermining Religious Freedom

Thanks to Call to Action’s site and link to the Institute on Religion and Democracy’s “Reforming America’s Churches” project. This project which was “completed” 2001-2004 outlines the Right’s attempts to infiltrate liberal churches and sway opinion towards conservatism through political action and “influencing the governing church conventions of three denominations.” The paragraph below pretty much says it all:

Our goals admittedly are long-term and sweeping: the renewal of America’s churches and of her culture. But we are realizing the fruits of our efforts. From it’s inception the IRD argued that international religious freedom should be a common concern uniting Christians within and among many different denominations. Within the past four years an impressively ecumenical movement has also arisen to defend persecuted believers in places like China and Sudan. In the 1980s the IRD critiqued church leaders’ romance with Marxist-infected Liberation Theology. That cause is now largely defeated. In the 1990s we similarly sounded the alarm about the extremism of radical feminist theology. That cause now finds sustenance within the churches only on liberal seminary campuses. In recent years, we have warned against the dilution of historic Christian teachings about marriage and sexuality and its potential impact on the nation. Although the battle is certainly not over yet, many of our churches are beginning to reject the pressure to abandon their standards (next to last paragraph).

Apparently, they are concerned with only conservative Christians’ religious freedom. I found out through reading through the document that representatives in my former denomination as well as other denominations are engaging in this groups’ practices of infiltration and undermining. What we have here is another very good reason to withdraw membership from church organizations that secretly work to curtail the religious freedom of others. Fortunately Theocracy Watch has a web page with more information and resources for combating such action.

While I had always been taught in fundamentalist churches that the secular left was the enemy and that their minions stopped at nothing to infiltrate churches to undermine conservative doctrine and to brainwash your children (like those pesky Wiccans), I never thought I’d see the Religious Right use the very tactics they preached against to infiltrate mainline Christian denominations!

I just don’t understand the Right’s need to strong-arm everyone into believing what they believe. Do any of them honestly believe that this is a “loving” gesture on their part? Do they honestly believe that all the Christians in mainline denominations are going to “hell” for believing in a different interpretation of the bible than they? And if they do believe those things why are they not convinced that God alone can do the work they desperately try to do themselves? And if they don’t honestly believe this is loving or that others are going to hell, then why do they care so much if mainline denominations believe differently than they do? Do they think that we will know they are Christians by this obviously obsessive, stalker-worthy kind of “love?” I believe their motive is more insidious than that. Their motive is greed, megalomania, and an obsessive compulsive need to see others burn in hell to prove they are right.

Actions like these only confirm my decision to leave church, denominational affiliation, and religion behind for good. The very thought process that thinks infiltration is a good idea when it comes to religious thought is disturbing in itself.