The Number One Reason We Know Christianity May Not Be True…

…Its followers.

UPDATE: I’m calling my new regular feature of this kind of thing “Christian Hate.”

Seriously, folks, the internet and television and news from around the world has shown us that the number one reason we know religions like Christianity are not true is because of the horrendous viciousness and hate filled spewings of its followers. Even the “good” christians do not outweigh the bad and in the grand scheme of things, if the preponderance of the evidence is heavily weighted to one side, it’s evidence we should take as valid. Speaking of hateful christians, take “Jack Sparrow,” who doesn’t even have the balls to give his real name or web site, over at Agnostic Atheism. This is typical of the responses atheists and feminists get on their blogs every single day:

You are those kind of Assholes who have F-A-I-L-E-D TERRIBLE to know Jesus.

Hay “AssHole” Jesus died for you! So that assholes like you could be saved and have life and life in abundance. For assholes like you, He paid for you, in full and plenty! For your sins, sickness, burden, and what not?

You may be barking around, all these things about Jesus, but remember Jesus does not need any of us to protect Him. He is the Son of God Almighty!
In a snap! He can bring 12 legions of powerful angelic armies (don’t you remember! you fool,) and then W-H-A-T?

You are a fool, who does not know to look at the real picture. Let me make it clear-er to you. What I mean is, by doing all this you are only proving your Inability and! Inefficacy to understand the bigger picture (to know Jesus Christ.)

Jesus can protect himself! Who will protect YOU!!? Bro. THIS IS THE MILLION-DOLOR QUESTION!

Stop wasting your time. GO! get a Bible and start reading.
Stop digging His grave, He is not there! He has Risen!

Let the peace of Jesus be with you.

Lovely, and soooo persuasive, isn’t he? Since aA is most civil and polite on his blog, it’s enlightening that these kinds of hateful responses are from christians. Speaking of civilly responding to fundie Christians, I’ve also gotten numerous responses by hateful christians on this blog. Again, this kind of vitriolic response to innocuous comments about their religion more or less convinced me that there is no truth in Christianity. When responding kindly to someone that I disagreed with over the bible and her interpretation of it, this was the result:

Well, MOI, you leave me astounded. ) You must be quite young and/or very immature; for not only was your last comment asinine but also impertinent, impudent and insolent as well as finds you unaware of revealing your ignorance and lack of proper morals by bearing false witness and leveling false accusations against me.

As a licensed psychotherapist, I suggest you need counseling for your poor attitude, low self-esteem, and you need training in proper behaviour to include lessons in being respectful as well as greatly needing guidance in moral standards. In short, you need an attitude adjustment.

While I owe you no response , I fail to understand how my rough life has anything to do with your original charge that I do not want to learn. How is it you dare imply that, because I had a rough life, I could not have been schooled much less have been successful? How is it you dare declare that, because of my rough life, I have put lies on my website? Fact: everything on my website, Unicorn Haven, is absolute truth; albeit, it matters not to me if you believe it.

I have degrees in banking, accounting, interior design, Texas Real Estate, taught in a Texas college, have certificates in specialized areas of law, a published author, former publisher’s editor, 30+ years of intensive Biblical and applicable historical research resulting in 3 published works and, as mentioned, I am also a licensed psychotherapist. Do you erroneously assume, because of a former brain aneurysm compounded by MS and Lupus, I am not capable of these feats? Fortunately, I know God thus do all things natural, instead of man’s wonder drugs that poison our bodies.

If you think none of the above is possible, then consider that I am 62 years old and never tire of learning. I simply have no desire to learn anything contradicting God’s Word. If you choose to study such things, it definitely is your prerogative; and no one has the right to prevent you. However, if you are going to post your conclusions in a public forum, then you have no right to tell anyone they cannot leave comments. especially if you are going to misleadingly tag your posts; unless you set up your blog as “subscription only.” You questioned why I had read some of your postings; because you tagged them according to things I do read: religion, Christian, etc.

Needless to say, since reading this piece I have read nothing more of your writings, and this will be the last time I respond to your rude audacity but definitely will keep you in my prayers; for you truly need God and Christ in the worst way. You would do well for yourself if you researched the Bible as closely as you follow man’s contradictory garbage.

Much love in Christ,

Lovely, isn’t she? See, I even withheld her name out of courtesy. So what brought this on? I read her blog and commented on the biography she provided on it. I mean really, if she doesn’t want anyone to know about her past, don’t post your entire life story for comment! What did I say? I said I was sorry that she suffered so much and that she had obvious scars from her childhood. I observed that it must have informed her need for God and the infallibility of the bible because it was the only certainty in her life. I said nothing about “lies.” Methinks she provided that Freudian slip herself! Notice she gives herself free reign to comment on my life, of which she knows nothing about, but forbids my commenting on hers. This is typical fundie pathological behavior.

What really slays me is the audacity these two people have by signing their posts with “Let the Peace of Jesus be with you” and “Much love in Christ!” Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! If that’s Christian love, leave me out of it, please! I could provide more samples but this is enough for me.

Of course, I’ll hear from some reasonable (and not so reasonable) Christians who will tell me in their best “love the sinner, hate the sin” voice that I should love Christianity despite the Christian, but that would be hypocrisy now wouldn’t it? If God is so absent from this world that he needs human beings to spread his (sic) message, then all we have as evidence of God in this world are the people who believe in him (sic). Therefore, it’s perfectly reasonable on our part to not believe in said God if the hatefulness outweighs the good to society.

I suppose they are fulfilling the biblical injunction:

Luk 14:26 “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.


13 thoughts on “The Number One Reason We Know Christianity May Not Be True…

  1. Gutsy post.

    It’s the same thing again, isn’t it? Hypocrisy.

    Funny how loving kindness doesn’t seem to have a place with some people. I don’t even think it matters what religion people originate from, convert to, allegedly follow………some people just give themselves permission to be nasty.

  2. Hey thanks SurfaceEarth,

    Yes, it does come down to hypocrisy. I’d rather live outside Christianity and the church than be inside it and be a hypocrite myself! Because really, if we can’t rely on a consistent interpretation of the bible from Christians, all we have to go on is the evidence of their lives and if their lives show hatred, well….

    You’re right, it’s as if Christianity gives them permission to say and do whatever they want WITHOUT consequence because, after all, they are “saved” and we are not!

  3. Hi!!

    I just found you and I’m excited to read this. I am a recent de-convert.

    Nice to meet you!


  4. Cool post. Jesus said everyone would know who His disciples were by their love. I’m still looking for the love in the posts you quote. ;-(

  5. Hi Marie,
    Welcome to the world of the de-churched and the almost de-converted! While I’ve quit going to church, I still hang onto a deity by my fingernails. I tend toward agnostic theism on this one.

    Thanks Jon. I thought the comments were a bit extreme and it took me aback for a moment. Before I read them, I held out hope of reasonableness in the Christian camp, but these convinced me more than anything that hateful people are all the same whether they claim to be christian or not. Thanks for posting!

  6. “While I’ve quit going to church, I still hang onto a deity by my fingernails. I tend toward agnostic theism on this one. ”

    Hmmm. I’ve found that Christianity works really well if you just read Christian books, listen to Christian radio/music, have Christian friends ,etc. It’s only when you stcik your head up out of this little Christian world that all the nice black and white lines go all gray and hazy. The God we have all learnt about from going to churches is a reduced, simplified, santitised God that fits nicely into a SUnday morning service. In reality … well, who knows? I admire you that you are prepared to hang on to your ‘agnostic theism’, and I’m sure He/She is hanging on to you! 🙂 We each have to face our lifelong journey of ‘working out our salvation’, and you are doing this with courage and honesty! You go!
    PS: My conclusion, given the observation that assholes tend to be assholes whether they are Christian or otherwise, is that this just shows that it is meaningless to try and compartmentalise something as a complicated as a human being into a simple box labelled Christian.

  7. I read your post. I know there are people out there who are complete and total hypocrites. But I also know there are people out there who have stepped outside the “Christian bubble” and into reality who still cling to the hope of Jesus. I will admit reading what those people wrote made me sad. I wish I could make up for what those people said, but I know that there are a lot of people in the world who have been hurt by those who claim to follow Christ.
    I believe in Jesus because he has changed my life. I know peace, and joy, and hope, and love.
    My hope is that you will experience a Christian who practices what they preach, because I know they are out there. I have met them. Don’t give up on us yet, we mess up too.

  8. Anotherview,

    Oh, I haven’t given up yet, just pointing it out. Thanks for the comment.

  9. I want to know if anyone hear has ever read the Bible? I read what “jack sparow” wrote and can say that what he said and how he said it is completely un-christian. I am sure that everyone knows what an imposter is. But how can you tell who is an imposter? First you need to know what the real thing looks like. As for Christianity, you need to read the things Jesus said. For most people the “church” is a turn off. Well, you would be surprised to find that Jesus felt the same way about the vain rituals and empty words of the religiuos leaders of the Jewish church, who were supposed to be his “representatives”. They were imposters. Nothing has changed. There are still imposters in the church today. That does not mean that God is not real, or that He does not love you.
    If the theory of evolution has caused you not to believe, undrestand that we can study and learn a great deal about how the universe operates, but the proccess by which a mechanism operates can never explain how it came in to existence. You can explain how a tv works but you have to go outside of the tv to find where the signal comes from and who made it. Or try to explain where your grand-parents came from without your great-grand-parents.
    Thank you for the oportunity to comment. you have my e-mail, so if there is any points you would like to discuss respectfuly.

  10. Chris,

    Obviously, you haven’t read the Rules page if you can ask the first question with a straight face. I suggest you wander over to deconversion blog. They answer many of your points so we don’t have to keep going over the same ground again and again.

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