Mrs. Cranky Pants Strikes Again

Ok, I was a little harsh in my previous post about Christianity and the people who claim to be Christians. Especially, when I read this, this morning. But, come on, people!! How else are we supposed to judge Christianity, except by its followers? God knows, I was a piss-poor example. I certainly know no one ever held me up as an example of virtue. And there’s plenty more out there like me!! But, that said, I have met some very good Christians out there and those Christians that are the epitome of level-headedness, reasonableness and who aren’t bible worshipers. I just get so darn frustrated with Christian jerks that I want to throw everything out along with it. I suppose I’m more pissed off at the church than Christianity in general. Please take the post with large grains of salt, please. (I am by no means letting the bible off the hook though).