5 thoughts on “God is Let Off the Hook Once Again

  1. “Choosing a world view that excludes God and disregards the value of human life makes the unforgettable scenes from Virginia Tech possible.” Rod Parsley

    In other words Rod says this would never have happened if only we all were Christians. Hmmm, tell that to the dead preacher in Tennessee whose wife shot him last year and then took off to Florida with the kids. It seems they had the word of God in their world view and still the preacher is dead.

    Here is the fact for all Christians, (and I used to be one). The Bible, (you know that thing called the word of God), is not any more the word of God than what I type into Microsoft Word are the direct words of Bill Gates. Men wrote the Bible, all of it. There is not one shred of evidence that God had anything to do with it. (Just claiming it is so, does not make it so, any more than the Quran came from Allah). So the fact is your morality, your world-view comes from a book which actually was written by a bunch of old polygamist slave owners, who thought women were second class citizens and were their property like sheep and oxen. Christian morality is as man made as Miller Beer.

    I watched a show on UFO’s last night. Some cult thinks that UFO’s will contact us one day when enough people believe in them. (Who knows, maybe so). However at one point they interviewed a mainstream protestant minister who said: “People seem to WANT to believe these things without a shred of evidence of their truthfulness.” I had to laugh; he could have been talking about his own religion, because that can be said about Christianity as well.

    If God is in control of everything which happens on earth, as some do claim, then events like this at VT make him look like a sadistic *&@#%!

    If there is a God up there somewhere who created us all, he has totally lost control.

  2. Noogatiger,
    Your priceless quote:
    “The Bible, (you know that thing called the word of God), is not any more the word of God than what I type into Microsoft Word are the direct words of Bill Gates.” Amen and Amen!

    I believe God has lost all control. Why do Christians persistently attribute all that’s good to God (who is supposed to be omnipotent), but blame all that’s bad on humans (who are far from omnipotent)?

  3. let me ask this: do you think there is any connection to us having innate feelings that someone is right and wrong, morality, and the existence of God? personally, i think the feelings in our guts tell us why the shooting was wrong, because God created good and evil.


  4. pbandj

    Society, we ourselves as humans create our own standards of morality, right and wrong, in spite of the beliefs of all religions, even if religions has helped shape our societies, it it all human made.

    US standards are different from Europe, and different yet from Iraq, and different yet from China or New Zeland, or Vietnam, or Columbia, and all very different from their own ancient history. As humans I don’t know so much that any standard is innate. It is better to think of them as learned morality over thousands of years of trial and error concerning what seems good and what seems evil. The value of human life and human rights has advanced exponentially since Biblical days. We have evolved in our thought processes and have come to see that Life is important of its own right, (at least some of us have learned this).

    As Mark Twain said:
    “If man continues on his path of enlightenment, his religion may actually one day show signs of common human decency.”

    Many claim their morality and sense of right and wrong came from the God of the Bible, but again this was simply a book written by very flawed and very fallible men, and even some not so moral men. It was not written by a God of any kind. Some of us can claim that our morality and sense of right and wrong come from whatever God we may believe in and may really, really, really, believe that. However, I can claim that all morality and all knowledge of good and evil came from Santa Claus and have as much validity.

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