My Obsession With Sin City

I know this trailer is old news for some, but for those who’ve not seen Sin City, check out the trailer. If Sin City 2, which comes out next year, is as visually stunning and as viscerally raw as the first one, I’m there!!! Not only do I love graphic novels, I love films of graphic novels even better. OH MY GOD! What’s better than Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, and Clive Owen all in one picture? The appearance of Powers Boothe and Michael Madsen of course. I’ve been in love with Madsen since Kill Bill, 1 & 2 and Boothe is just excellent in Deadwood. The only thing that would ruin the movie for me (and not for men I’m sure) is Angelina Jolie, who was rumored to be in it. Now the rumors are that she won’t. I pray to all the graphic novel gods that be that she isn’t. Don’t think I don’t like women in the movies. Carla Gugino and Rosario Dawson kick butt in Sin City. But Jolie is just talentless. However, I know some men go for that fat-lipped look. WHATEVER!


4 thoughts on “My Obsession With Sin City

  1. I love Jennifer Garner. Every time I have seen her on something she just has a sweetness about her. When I have listened to commentaries about things she is in, the people just rave about what a kind person she is. The girl has such a depth to her. I was shocked and appalled when she hooked up with Ben Afleck – remember the whole Benifer thing with Jennifer Lopez? And now, you hear nothing about him. She just has such a dignity, and she’s really watchable.

  2. Damn, I hope that Jolie won’t be in it… Got to be one of the most boring actors ever. But nice to hear that there will be a sin city 2. Didn’t know that.

    @ Robin: lol, even though Garner is not in Sin City, that was a really affectionate description. You like her a lot, that’s for sure 🙂

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