My Own Rant in the Face of Godmongers

I feel a full-fledge rant, er….I mean prophecy coming on…..the spirit is overtaking me… wait for it……

On another post Noogatiger in his infinite wisdom wrote:

Once you have realized that the king has no clothes, it is impossible to start fooling yourself into believing he does once again.


Once you have seen the gaping hole in the side of the ship, it is impossible to keep believing everything will be fine as you cross the ocean.


Once you have seen that the foundation of the home has all but been washed away, and it is only being held up by the thinnest of toothpicks, it is impossible to go on living in it during the big storms and floods with full faith that it will stand.

My sentiments exactly. I think I’ve just found a great, big naked guy in my head.

I’ve been going ’round and ’round on the Internet reading blogs and posting my own comments here and there, mostly about philosophy, religion, etc. It’s amazing how much time I spend on the same boring subjects. I’m seeing a consistent pattern in my thought processes lately and in the places I go to on the Internet. My thoughts tend toward debating the merits of Christianity and faith, politics and feminism, and I usually end up on blogs promoting leaving religion behind for good. I’ve had email discussions with some who still believe and they have been most fruitful, but I’ve learned the most about myself and my own motives from those brave enough to put it behind them for good: heissailing, agnosticatheism, and my favorite lurking place, the parish. My ongoing disgust with all things religious is fueling a new spurt of freedom of thought for me. I still frequent more progressive Christian sites such at Talk to Action and Jim Wallis’ blog, but the more I read about the total social ineffectiveness yet destroying everything it touches mentality and outright foolishness of religion, and the more I read about the shenanigans of the Religious Right, the more I distance myself from it altogether.

The religious fence that I’m straddling now boasts a recliner and a bowl of popcorn. I like to stay above the fracas and to watch the scurrying down below on either side as opposites do their version of Celebrity Death Match. And… I think I’ll be on top of that fence for a while, singing to myself a little Stealers Wheel (lalala stuck in the middle with you. Yes, I’m stuck in the middle with you, and I’m wondering what it is I should do, It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face, losing control and I’m all over the place, Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am…..stuck in the middle with you).

But I digress, as I often do, to the 70s. On a darker but more necessary note, I also get energized lurking on feminist sites. I love that these women are giving men the “what for” and tackling the hard subjects that no one wants to hear about. I hate that I can’t be as incisive and direct in my writing as they are. I envy these women and their talent for naming what needs to be named and for not backing down to the hateful men out there that want to see us silenced and even dead. The abuse they get from the patriarchal set is jaw-dropping in its ferocity. Standing against such abuse (usually from men, but also from some patriarchally brainwashed women) is like poking hyenas in the eye with a stick. You just end up making them frothy at the mouth and you end up breaking the only weapon you had.

Pandagon is irreverent and “right on” in a groovy sort of way when it comes to “stickin’ it to the man.” Godde, I wish I could write like them! I wish I could even put two thoughts together like them. They are my heroes (no, not “heroines” please. I wrote a Master’s thesis on just this distinction!) The folks over at feministing are constantly bringing us the latest on abusive men and their driving need to hurt women in politics, the home, in the public sphere, you name it. Heart at Womens Space/The Margins is insightful as always, bringing her rad fem outlook on the seeming mundane news of the day, particularly the continuing OJ Simpson fiasco. Sparkle*Matrix writes her heart and links us to the other feminists that do so as well, such as this heartwrenching and poignant account of why women are not safe ANYWHERE (even on their own blogs) from abusers.

Reading these never fails to shock me into awareness about where I am and what I’m doing here and now. It’s an existential kick in the face. Wake up! It tells me. People are dealing with real issues, such as daily domestic violence. I once dealt with these same issues! All this religious talk is frothy blather that means nothing in the face of it. Who gives a shit whether anyone is “saved” or not when women and children die at the hands of their husbands and parents DAILY. And you know what? God doesn’t have a problem with that. Yes, yes, I know the standard come-back lines for that one, but I’ve concluded it’s true. I know from experience. God does nothing in the face of daily abuse. Never has, never will. It’s the stark reality we need to face head on. We all need to quit arguing about bible translations and eternal security and whether or not we should have a congregational form of government over an ecclesiastical one. All that is bullshit in the face of a dead children. What’s wrong with us that we get into more heated arguments over theological issues than we do over abuse and poverty? Is it because we think we can’t do anything about it? From now on, every dime I used to give to church every week is going to women’s shelters and organizations that feed the poor. Every cent I used to waste on bibles and christian how-to books is going to the SPCA.

I am convinced that Christianity promotes a cognitive dissonance that prevents us from seeing what’s right in front of us. It sets up a fantasy land in our heads that bears no resemblance to reality. In order to keep it going in your head you have to deny reality at every turn. You have to deny your own thoughts, your family’s problems, and you have to promote those whose reality only jibes with yours and who teaches you how to keep the fantasy going. Hence the herd mentality in all religion. There are some that will agree that religion is bad, but they turn right around and say, “you must have spirituality then.” Spirituality is better than religion. But this is only playacting. It’s more pretend. We are trading one useless thing for another. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that spirituality is also a poor substitute for reality. Admiring Jesus as a prophet is no different than Muslims admiring Mohammad as a prophet. Making a religion and a spirituality out of our admiration of one man in history is pretty bizarre. Monuments called churches and mosques are built and money is required to maintain the fantasy. What a sham.

People of reason are providing answers however. I’m looking to these people to provide my solutions from now on. Only humanists have humanity’s best interests at heart without an ulterior motive. Only humanists are studying religion like the aberrational phenomenon it really is. Only humanists looks to promoting the good of all society rather than the good of its own little group or sub-sect. Humanists are also without an apocalyptic vision that seeks to destroy everything we have. I don’t think I should completely trust anyone who claims to be religious anymore. With them, there always seems to be an underlying motive of conversion and faux concern about your welfare that doesn’t concern the real problems in your life. I think I’ve had enough of that bait and switch to know where conversation down that road leads. Nope, Nada, no sir I don’t like it. My concern is the here and now. I wish I could really, really remember and practice that right NOW and not get sidetracked.


7 thoughts on “My Own Rant in the Face of Godmongers

  1. Each time you get side-tracked, it get’s easier and easier and you stay side-tracked for smaller and smaller amounts of time. 🙂

  2. Rebecca,
    I was hoping that’s the case. I see a pattern. I’m going along and going along in my newfound unbelief and then wham something happens or I read something and I head back to the safety of the “god” bushes. After peaking out of those when all is said and done, I get angry all over again and throw tantrums on my blog. Then I feel better and start again. I really appreciate your encouragement!

  3. This is why I’m thinking about joining the Socialist Party. 99% of religionists concern themselves with the “hereafter.” If your always hoping for a better future when you’re dead – you might as well be six feet under. Granted there are many people who believe in many religions that make THIS WORLD a better place through their charity.

  4. Thanks for the link mystery. Yeah – I do write with my heart and I also remember “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”


    Winston Churchill

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