Christian/Atheist Debate Only a Tool

I contend that Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron never intended to prove anything in the debate. It was merely a tool to “spread the gospel.” Go to this site and take the poll on the left. Notice the responses. Conversely, you could say that “millions” (I doubt that many watched) heard the “atheist gospel” as well.


One thought on “Christian/Atheist Debate Only a Tool

  1. I didn’t watch the debate. I’ve only been reading reviews. But didn’t either Ray or Kirk — I think it was Kirk — say it ultimately didn’t matter, what mattered was where you’d spend eternity? That alone would’ve made me discount their arguments because 1) Christianity becomes all about what the person gets out of it, and thus it becomes selfish and 2) I don’t recall that phrasing in the Bible at all. Both Jesus and Paul didn’t say, “I’ve come to make sure you know where to spend eternity,” but rather were calling people to live a deeper, better, more meaningful life.

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