Don’t Blame Tammy Faye For Husband’s Disgrace

Get a load of this article about poor Tammy Faye and her losing battle with cancer. It’s very sad what she’s going through, especially if you’ve watched her son’s show on Sundance Channel: One Punk Under God. She’s been through a lot and she’s gutsy about her faith and how it sustains her. She’s honest about her addiction to prescription meds (which got her “through” those awful years with Bakker) and her detox from the whole church and televangelist scene.
What I hate about this article is that in the very first line the writer labels Tammy Faye Messner as “the disgraced televangelist,” when it was her husband Jim Bakker who brought the ministry down. Again, they are “doing a Driscoll” and blaming the wives for a husband’s peccadilloes. Get off it already!

One thought on “Don’t Blame Tammy Faye For Husband’s Disgrace

  1. I am from Panama and I am 100% with you.

    She is a woman that move on despite all the bad circumstances…Is not her fault.

    People have a lot of prejudice and thats why some of them are so blind and they dont know what they are missing.

    Now she is resting in peace but the most important thing is that until her last days she was loved and was with people that took care of her.

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