Top Five Reasons Why I No Longer Go To Church

1. Sexism

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary president Paige Patterson says families need to be concerned that in America, 60% of college students are female. He predicts that in a few years, men will be increasingly underrepresented among “the intelligentsia” and will gradually cede leadership in many areas to women.

Patterson laments that most of the women ascending to these new roles will maintain a major focus on a career, not on the family and on children.

“Instead of encouraging adolescents to cut the apron strings of mother and venture out into society, we are begging mothers not to cut the apron strings [to] their babies and catapult them prematurely into a menacing world,” said the two-time president of the Southern Baptist Convention. “Mom and hot apple pie have been replaced by institutional daycare centers and cold apple turnovers at McDonald’s.” …A biblical model of the family is key to restoring social order in the world, stated the Southern Baptist leader. Although innocents continue to be executed in the womb by their mothers and divorce is “eviscerating family life on every hand,” said Patterson, there is still hope for the world.

2. Misogyny

The claim that Christianity had a hand in elevating the position of women in Western society is an oft repeated one. Like most of the claims we have seen, it is patently false. In this section we will take a look at what the Bible says about women. The Old Testament is a product of an ancient Semitic culture that never held women in any high esteem. In the Ten Commandments, for instance, women were listed among a man’s possessions: [1] (continue reading here)

3. It Costs Too Much (How do you get your money back if it doesn’t work?)

On the “Law” of Tithing:

Try it. Test it to see if it’s true or not. Almost everybody who tithes keeps tithing because they say it works. The Bible says to tithe, to try God, and he’ll pour blessings upon you. Some people think, “If I tithe, I’ll get lots of money.” That isn’t what was said. It was said that God will pour blessings upon you.

You may suddenly lose your headaches, or a backache may disappear. Or you may find that your spouse is getting along real well with you, or that the plumbing that was always getting stuck is no longer stuck, or that the person at the bank who was always hassling you has been transferred. These little miracles of perfect timing take place, and you say, “I can’t believe this is all due to tithing.”

You have to check it out in order to know for yourself.

4. There Are More Kind People Outside the Church Than In It

Excerpted from ‘The Importance of Being Foolish’ with permission from HarperSanFrancisco.

Two curious phenomena dapple Christian life in America today. The first is our tendency to criticize more than compliment. Listen in on conversations in coffee shops, living rooms, and churches. Pay attention to the pundits and the newsmakers. We tend not only to begrudge the value of others but to appear downright sad when a person is praised. Many hypercritical Christians quickly deny the presence of any value anywhere and overemphasize the dark and ugly aspects of a person, situation, or institution at the expense of their noble and valuable facets. They delight in exposing the flaws and imperfections of others and glory in the absence of goodness. Senator William Fulbright of Arkansas once commented on this insidious tendency in the news media: “That Puritan self-righteousness which is never far below the surface of American life has broken through the frail barriers of civility and restraint, and the press has been in the vanguard of the new aggressiveness.” (continued here)

5. Because You Have To Believe Stupid Stuff

Biblical Myths
Perhaps the most well known of all biblical myths, and certainly the one most stubbornly defended by fundamentalists, is the creation myth. In fact, creationism (as it is called by believers-they also normally add the adjective “scientific” in front), is a “hot” topic among fundamentalist circles. Yet creationism, and the corresponding creation myths in Genesis, is demonstrably false. The creation myths (note the plural) in the Bible:

In fact we can show that the creation myths in the Bible are not even original to it but were derived from earlier Babylonian myths.

While we are on the subject of myths, we must note that the flood myth, which many believe were somehow geologically proven is demonstrably false. Furthermore, it has been conclusively shown by archaeologists that the Biblical flood myth was derived from The Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient Babylonian myth. In fact the very name Noah is derived from the name of a Babylonian rain goddess.

Other myths include the myth of Cain and Abel and the myth of the Tower of Babel. We can safely conclude that the first eleven chapters of genesis is pure mythology.

Having said that, I can honestly say that I still believe/have faith in a Deity. But, until there is evidence that all of these are gone from the church as an institution, I’m staying home and getting my rest.


8 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons Why I No Longer Go To Church

  1. HIS,
    🙂 With the money I’ve saved from not tithing, I’ve given some homeless kitties a new lease on life and given the other part to War Veterans this Memorial Day. I feel so much better knowing I’m not giving it to yet another building fund.

  2. Jesus Saves,

    So I decided to do the same and invest my tithing money myself. It is working pretty good so far.

  3. I think another reason would be the message, in itself. Another blogger I read mentioned that when he first started investigating Christianty and such, it was disconcerting to go to church on every Sunday and hear something like, “We need bread to survive. Jesus is the bread of life. So we need Jesus to survive.”

    Something like that would drive me nuts.

  4. Came across your blog. Thanks for writing it. The day you wrote it… it was my birthday. I do believe Christians have not represented spirituality of Jesus well. (glaring understatement). Truth is, we will not probably represent it well… ever. Sure wish you could the irrational love God has for people without the trappings of local or institutional church. The book helps me be more patient with us church-types.

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