My Summer TV Line-up

Ok, so I’m a television addict. I admit it. I love watching, reading about, and yelling at the TV. So my gripe? All the shows I usually watch have had their Season finales and are officially over for the summer. No more Jon Cryer making me laugh on 2 and 1/2 Men. No more racers to hate on The Amazing Race. No more strategizing and backstabbing on Survivor. No more luscious dancing, hosting, and judging with Tom, Carrie Ann, Bruno, and Len on Dancing With the Stars. No, all we can look forward to now are repeats and infomercials! Bleck. Double Bleck! Whatever am I going to watch?? Besides the movie channels to keep me endlessly entertained (what would I do without the Sundance Channel and Asia Extreme every Sunday night?) I only turn to regular season shows when I absolutely must and there are three “musts” coming up for me.

Ghost Hunters starts Wednesday, June 6 at 8:00 p.m. (Central time) on the SciFi Channel. This show is far superior to any other supposed “ghost hunters” show out there. I don’t like the other knock-off shows that bring their psychics along to feel their way to any kind of conclusion. I want hard evidence baby! And evidence they do seem to provide. It would appear however that the Skeptic Society is taking on their own investigation into our beloved Ghost Hunters. This should be interesting and I’m curious to follow all the links. I’ll let you know what they find. Whether any of the “evidence” found by Jason and Grant and crew is true or not, whether it’s fabricated for the viewing audience or really happening, I say, who cares? It’s still fun to be scared and imagine there are hauntings out there. It’s even more fun watching it.

Now that Survivor is done, CBS is putting Pirate Master in it’s time slot at 7:00 p.m. (Central) on Thursday nights. Now, I was skeptical about Treasure Hunters last summer, but it proved to be a pretty good show, and in some respects better than The Amazing Race (think Amazing Race with brains). So when TV execs tout a new series that’s similar to Survivor I’m skeptical but always willing to give it a shot over the bow. We are dealing with pirates this summer, what with Pirates of the Carribean running away with all the profits, and so CBS can’t resist offering more of them on their affiliate stations as a tie-in. That’s ok, anything to ward off the long, dull summer tv season!! Hopefully, it will be just as engaging, but I’m going to be watching it.

Last, but not least, I’m looking forward to a new season of Hell’s Kitchen. Being a fan of cooking shows in general (Nigella’s Feast, Iron Chef America), I’ve loved watching Gordon Ramsey since I first saw him in his British tv series Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, in which he visits failing restaurants in England and Scotland and tries to turn them around and begin making a profit again. The man is GOOD at what he does. He knows the restaurant business inside and out and he’s ferocious about it. Where else can you watch 12 poor hapless cook wanna be’s being berated in front of millions of viewers (oh, wait, that’s American Idol without the three obnoxious judges). You don’t need three judges when you’ve got Ramsey. I’d like to see Gordon and Anthony Bourdain go at it in the kitchen (no not that way, cooking!). My, my, my. I’d pay to see that.

So, the summer is just now heating up and I’m going to be right there with them catching ghosts, swashbuckling my pirates, and throwing full plates of burnt spaghetti at the television! What could be more fun? Caio!


11 thoughts on “My Summer TV Line-up

  1. Well, now you can watch some shows tat you did not get to see when they were on the fist time. As as fellow TV addict, i must ask… do you have Tiyo or DVR?

    I recently got DVR and the first thing I did was to capture all the shows that I misssed but are now in syndication. I love to have a marathon and watch them all in a row!

  2. Robin,
    Are you kidding??? I’ve SOOOOO got a DVR through Directv! 🙂 I do the exact same thing with the shows I miss. I love the feature where you can find the shows you want ahead of time.

  3. When I first got it, I didn’t even record current shows, because there were so many I never saw when they were on. I was watching history Channel and political shows because i never wanted to get into any serial type shows because i could not count on being able to see them.

  4. Didn’t that ending ROCK! I loved the flash forward this time. I’m betting that it’s Ben who was in the coffin (the one Jack went to visit). It was truly LOST at it’s best last Wednesday!

  5. Admission: I have not even seen Lost yet. ::::ducking::::

    Here’s the thing: it was one of those shows that came on pre DVR and because it is like all of JJ Abrams shows (Feliecity, and Alias) a serial, and I could not commit to being in one place at one time, I decided to wait until it came out on dvd and watch it marathon style.

  6. Have you seen The Riches on FX? I missed out on The Sheild, too which comes highly recommended.

    MOI – did you see/like Six Feet Under?

  7. Robin,
    I watched Six Feet Under for the first 3 seasons and then quit. I thought it was becoming a parody of itself after that. Never saw the Shield or the Riches though.

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