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Well, watching Pirate Master on CBS last week was like watching re-runs of Survivor with some bad Westinghouse Theater thrown in. Sheesh. I thought it would be better. It was interesting when the contestants, chosen for their quirkiness and “breast shots” I’m sure, were out on some island looking for treasure, but once they got back on the “ship” bad acting ensued. And I mean acting. All of it was so obviously scripted that I quickly lost interest. Now I know Survivor is also “creatively edited” but I have to think that Survivor contestants have their own moments of weirdness without the help of the producers. Not so, with Pirates it seems. I don’t think any of them could have come up with some of their comments on their own. Dumbness ensued. Anyway, it’s not worth another look, but I will probably do so come Thursday for lack of anything better to do.

I watched the Republican Presidential debates just like I did on Sunday with the Democrats’ debate on CNN. Will somebody PLEASE put Wolf Blitzer somewhere else? Like maybe on commercials? His “performance” (and that’s what it was) on both the debates was downright childish and stupid. He is not a reporter nor a master of ceremonies to speak of. He asked endless dumb questions and then got cranky when everyone refused to play. Talk about dumb questions. “Could everyone please raise their hands if they…..” You get the drift. I thought the Democratic debates were thoughtful and respectful, especially by Senator Clinton. The Republicans, on the other hand, were not given the same respect and were consistently asked stupid questions about evolution and creationism and other religious issues that were not even brought up during the Democratic debate. Why is that? Why did no one ask Clinton what she thought about abortion or about a 6-day creation story and have her answer in a 30 second time period? No, instead they give the Democrats a full evening of faith questions in a separate forum. Does everybody just assume that all Republicans think alike on faith issues. Come again? Isn’t that a little narrow minded? CNN did a shoddy job with the debates, but they were the only ones covering the debates at all. For those of us who don’t follow politics as closely as those addicted to politics, this is the only way to get a “first look” at who’s running. Anyone who says there isn’t bias in the media is stupid.

Since I don’t think in terms of “winners” and “losers” of debates when you are arguing amongst your own people, I will say that the stronger candidates are Senator Clinton, Obama, and Dodd on the Democratic side and Mayor Giuliani was the only obvious, intelligent choice on the Republican side, but the Republicans will smash him to bits when the race heats up because he’s “gasp” a Pro-Choice Republican (yes there are many out there!). Ron Paul made a passable showing, but he is the “Kucinich” of the Republicans right now, so far left of the field that only a small percentage will appreciate them. Who were the “wackos?” Democrats Ravel (conspiracy nut written all over him) and Biden (can he not talk without yelling?) and Republicans Tancredo and T. Thompson. Where do we get these people?

Anyway, the rubber doesn’t meet the road until they start debating each other. The race won’t even begin for me until Fred Thompson enters it and comes out swinging. Who, but another actor, can ever help the Republicans??

Leaving on a high note, I did watch Hell’s Kitchen and man, was it HOT!!! Gordon Ramsey always delivers and I loved this show. As usual they always pick chef wannabes, some of them real “winners” if you know what I mean, and then let them loose in a kitchen with Master Chef extraordinaire. Does he really think they are all going to cook great stuff right off the bat? What a hoot. (Caught a glimpse of America’s Got Talent and I was surfing with the remote and what a nightmare!) .

See you after the next episodes!


6 thoughts on “Around the TV Dial

  1. Amen! I too, am waiting for Fred to come out swinging… not that I think he will win, but because he will raise the bar on the debate. so far, we have to true conservatives. BTW – the Republican debates on Fox were great! Brit Hume is an excellent no nonsense questioner as is Chris Wallace, they definitely did not play softball with the Republicans… they even smacked Rudy around! But they did it even handedly, they hit every one of them with their weak spot – past voting records, etc. Some say this is the real reason the Dems don’t want to go on Fox, they know they will not pitch softballs to them.

    I think Fred is the only Republican is saying the thing most people want to hear on immigration: SECURE THE BORDER, then we can talk about what to do with the 12 million people here. I heard someone say we can do it by attrition. To start with, how about rounding up the 600,000 ALREADY supposed to be deported? Stop raiding the work places of those who are actually working. Get the gang members, the criminals, the sponges, scoflaws and scammers. THEN let’s talk about the otherwise law abiding ones who have bought homes in blighted neighborhoods and fixed them up and inmproved the property values. I think this is something most Americans can sign on to.

  2. Robin,
    I wish I’d caught the debates on Fox instead of CNN. I too like Brit Hume and try to catch the end of his roundtable on his show before 6:00 p.m. I get home about 5:40.

    Good plan about immigration, but if they haven’t done it already, what makes us think they will do it now? Of course don’t you love the way they characterize those of us who are opposed to allowing ILLEGAL immigrants to remain as opposed to immigration in general. Talk about doing a bait and switch. I’m all for legal immigration, that’s how my father entered this country from Hungary–LEGALLY!!! But when illegal immigrants get more social services free than I do, there’s something wrong. All the money’s going back to Mexico anyway, so all we are is a cash cow for the Mexican government. Don’t EVEN get me started! πŸ™‚

  3. Did you happen to notice how the camera shots – and after-debate interviews – were focused primarily in the middle of the podiums? The candidates on the outer edges were almost completely ignored in the shots and discussions…on both sides. I was disgusted.

    CNN is just another Talking Head for The Machine – nothing any more ‘fair and balanced’ about it than any other main stream news source. People I really wanted to hear from – the ones who have something DIFFERENT to say than the Big 6 – were Kucinich (sp?), Ron Paul, and Dodd.

    Unless something dramatic happens, I’m not even bothering to vote. If America choses one of the Big 6 – it won’t make a difference.

    All we have to do is look at the latest way that the “Democratic” Congress rolled over and gave it up to The Bush in the form of $94 BILLION for his war on Iraq…without a timeline for withdrawal…AFTER all of the pre-election rhetoric about how they’d get our troops out and stop this abominable thing.

    *sigh* I’m missing Grey’s Anatomy and House, myself…new episodes πŸ˜€

  4. Grace,
    I wanted to hear from the ones who had something different to say too, but they didn’t given any of them enough time. I mean what can you say in 30 sec. to 1 minute? The cameras did focus only on the middle three in both debates, you’re right. I think Kucinich has a great message but he wasn’t given enough time and Ron Paul, I’m sure, could challenge them, but it’s all about image. Romney is the GQ Republican cover boy and Clinton makes for great photos as well, but Kucinich and Paul don’t fit the stereotype, so let’s not look at them. Sheesh!

    Ahhh. A Grey’s A. and House addict. πŸ™‚ Isn’t funny what shows we simply MUST watch. πŸ™‚

  5. The Dems needed to give the president a clean Iraq bill., not one loaded up with pork and timetables. The truth is, if anyone is really looking at the facts in the middle east and not caught up in Kumbaya thinking, they will see that getting out of Iraq is not even an option. The only option we have for Iraq is for congress to actually declare war on Iraq. What we are doing now is crazy – we have such weird rules of engagement, the corruption is so great, I don’t see us or anyone else getting a handle on it unless we have a greater display of power. Power is all they understand. Granted, there are intellectuals who get it, ( but that is not the majority. And the majority just want to be on the side who is winning. Because if they chose the wrong side, they will be slaughtered, if the dems are allowed to cut and run. And I’m sure many of the folks there are thinkinging they can’t count on America to keep her promises, like Bin Laden said, America is a paper tiger, all full of emotion and not much else.

  6. Robin,
    I don’t know. I’d like to see some creative conclusions to the war rather than business as usual. I’m tired of Dems and Repubs. Let’s give someone else a chance.

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