Why Biblical Literalism is Immoral

AgnosticAtheism hits the ball out of the park on this one. Go to his wonderful site and watch the video clip from The West Wing that illustrates more than I could about the immorality of taking the bible literally when the bible was never meant for such purposes. The Dr. Laura-like character and other so-called Christian “Psychologists” use it as a weapon of anger and hate rather than as redemptive or inspirational document. With it, they hope to shape the world into their twisted version of “paradise” without the messy business of treating every human being with dignity or respect. Until Christian progressives can manage to wrest that weapon from the hands of fundamentalists, it’s best not to use the “tool” at all. But then again, why should we turn and kiss the very tool of our destruction as it delivers the final blow?


4 thoughts on “Why Biblical Literalism is Immoral

  1. You know what MOI,
    I can still feel the sting of this type condemnation of the Bible. You know I was a fundamentalist Christian for 39 years. I remember thinking that Dr. Laura was pretty cool. If I had seen this video back then I would have been very angry at it. I would have thought it typically took everything in the Old Testament out of context. Jesus came to get rid of all those old laws anyway, why worry about them. Why can’t people just see the love of God in the Bible I would have thought. Mean hateful atheists I would have thought.

    However now it hurts in a different way. I can now see how blind to the facts I really was and it was self inflicted. I never really tried to defend this stuff from the Bible back then, I just ignored it. It can’t be defended, I probably knew that, even when I was a believer. So, like all Christians simply decided to igore it and focus on the good stuff. When I decided to really start looking at the Bible without my blinders on is when I got my wake up call.

    No, we should not allow the Bible to be our moral guide, we should strive for a higer morality than that. We should treat women better than that.

    “It does certainly seem to suggest that if man continues in the direction of enlightenment, his religious practice may, in the end, attain some semblance of common human decency”…. Mark Twain

  2. Noogatiger,
    I’m slowly beginning to see your point. It’s also a question of integrity. At what point do I give up my fantasy that the bible can be redeemed for a society and realize that you cannot use the same old materials to build a new house. Reassembling old worn out wood is no more stable once it’s in a new building. New wine in old wineskins don’t you know?

    Ignoring the bad stuff, as you and I have, is only a turning a blind eye to the injustice wreaked by it in the hands of the uninformed and the spiritually blind.

  3. Oh, I just ran across something which I was going to send you the other day and I forgot.

    I went and had lunch at the Chinese food place.
    Here is what the message was in my fortune cookie:
    “You have an ability to sense and know higher truth” This is sooooo true don’t you think?

    However isn’t it funny that you never get messages like these in your fortune cookie:
    “Don’t bother going back to work today, your boss is an ass and will take credit for your work anyway”
    “Your auto transmission is going to die next week, get ready”
    or how about;
    ” You will wake up late tonight and stub your toe badly on the way to the bathroom and you will say some very bad words.”

    or maybe even:

    “Don’t be too optomistic, this is going to be your year from hell.”

    If these fortunes were true, I would be filthy rich and much smarter by now.

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