What Is Iniquity?

Lately, I could tell from my referrers in the stats page that some have wondered at the meaning of iniquity and why I’ve used it to title this blog. Since I base my use of it on a verse in the New Testament that hardly anyone preaches on anymore (see the Blog page), I thought I’d look up the various meanings floating out there on the internet. Here’s an interesting Gnostic interpretation of the mystery of iniquity found today. It’s modern correlations are interesting:

Many have tried to evade recognition of this flawed creation and its flawed creator, but none of their arguments have impressed Gnostics. The ancient Greeks, especially the Platonists, advised people to look to the harmony of the universe, so that by venerating its grandeur they might forget their own afflictions as well as the innumerable grotesqueries of ordinary life. “Look at this beautiful world:’ they said; “see its superbly orderly way of functioning and perpetuating itself, how can one call something so beautiful and harmonious an evil thing?” To which Gnostics have always answered that since the flaws, forlornness, and alienation of existence are also undeniable, the harmony and order of the universe are at best only partial.

Those influenced by Eastern spirituality have at times brought up the teaching of karma whereby one’s misdeeds generate misfortune later in life or even in another life as explaining the imperfection of the manifest world. Yet a Gnostic might counter that karma can at best only explain how the chain of suffering and imperfection works. It does not tell us why such a sorrowful system should exist in the first place.

Sounds a lot like explanations you hear in the debate going around now between agnostics, atheists, and theists, doesn’t it? But for my purposes and my understanding, iniquity means “gross injustice” plain and simple. Wherever there is gross injustice of any kind, I’m there to shine a spotlight on it. To me the mystery of iniquity is wondering why humans, if indeed they are made in God’s image, still perpetuate evil against their fellow humans? I’m not satisfied with the myth of Adam and Eve or explanations of “missing the mark” with a God who supposedly created it all in the first place. That’s too trite and illogical. Men have been blaming women for as long as there has been myth to tell about it. Methinks that since men came up with the explanation, there’s more to it than meets the eye. That’s the mystery. That’s what this blog is all about.


7 thoughts on “What Is Iniquity?

  1. Thank you for giving some of us readers greater insight!

    I understand that struggle to try to comprehend why there is injustice, seems like if we could figure out the root of all injustice, we could excavate it and move into a better world for all humanity.

  2. hehe, in Re: to Adam and Eve, you may be pleased to know that this red-meat-eating, adrenaline junkie, action movie-loving dude places far more blame on Adam, who was there to witness Eve’s transgressions and stood by like a pansy unwilling to exercise any leadership.

    I agree that the scapegoating of Eve is far too convenient and short sighted (to say the least) in light of how scripture presents the narrative.

    And not to pound this drum again, but a contextualized reading of Genesis illustrates that point perfectly.

  3. Bah, that’s kind of the point… A present contextualization may be, but an historical one should most definitely not be.

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