I’ve Simpsonized Myself, Too!

Everybody’s doing it, so I thought I would to. It’s fun. (Thanks to Songs of Unforgetting‘s site) Here I am in all my Simpson glory:


You can Simpsonize yourself too here!

Ok, now I really am off to vacation!

(I couldn’t resist one last post)


7 thoughts on “I’ve Simpsonized Myself, Too!

  1. LOL. I love this! πŸ™‚ Yes I want to Simpsonize myself!

    Joyous Journeying. Have a wonderful time. See you soon. Beautiful Blessings, MW

    PS I posted again in “A Portion of the Message.” Love that biblical passage.

  2. “I really, really do look like this! I’m NOT KIDDING! :-D”

    Cute!! Love the shirt too.

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