Hitch’s Birthday

Today is the birthday of the greatest maker of suspenseful films of all time: Alfred Hitchcock. I have always had a love affair with the movies as well as a love affair with books. I remember watching Psycho when I was very, very young and since then I’ve loved all of Hitchcock’s movies. The Birds was another early favorite of mine. But the movie that rates up there as my favorite movie ever is Rear Window; a brilliant slice of life, everyman, curiosity nearly killed the cat film that is timeless. Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart are wonderful and sexy in a very subtle way and the suspense is never overt. This is what’s wrong with film making today. Too MUCH information is provided or shown! They show everything, when everyone knows that suspense works best when we are using our imagination. Anyway, Happy birthday, Alfred!


2 thoughts on “Hitch’s Birthday

  1. Hey! Comments are back! Yay!

    I just wanted to wish you happy-get-wells or something to that effect. I’ve been reading through your surgery, and it’s good to see you made it through alright (and seriously, was there any doubt? Your will alone would do the trick!).

    I particularly liked your account of your pastor and husband praying over you. And I would agree that it is the power of relationship, but it is that power that God was using in answer to said prayer. 🙂

    Also, it is VERY good to hear your old church had you in their thoughts and prayers, and even brought you food. I was personally encouraged to hear that as well. It is a beautiful thing when the messiness that sometimes is the body of Christ pulls through and functions as it is intended!

    In short:

    Amen! And welcome back!

  2. Thanks Brad! Yes, it’s a humbling experience, yes indeedy.

    Like I told Heather, I had forgotten I changed the comments before I went to the hospital!

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